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What is organic food and why is it so useful?

Organic products are those products that are produced without the achievements of the chemical industry, without mineral fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides. In organics, the whole process is controlled: from the raw material to the already packed product. The land then should not be used for agriculture in the traditional way for a few years. There should not be used mineral fertilizers and plant protection products. Organic production does not use GMOs, stabilizers, thickeners, replacement of milk fat with vegetable fats, and so on.

Animals that produce organic food should receive only organic food, and not be exposed to hormonal injections.

In organic products must not be any impurities, except organic. If you have seen inorganic components, which number cannot be more than 5% of the total list of ingredients, then this is not an organic product.

The production of organic products prohibits the use of artificial food additives, as well as genetically modified products. In the processing and production of products, refining, mineralization and other techniques that reduce the nutritional properties of the product, as well as the addition of artificial flavors, food dyes (except those that are specified in the relevant product standards) are prohibited. The rest of the list of ingredients must be natural.

Eating organic food, a person brings certain benefits to his or her health. First, it is possible to consume the greatest amount of trace nutrients and vitamins. In addition, the probability of various diseases, including oncology, decreases, and, of course, immunity is strengthened.

How organic food affects the skin

Regular use of organic products, the benefits and harms of which have been discussed for a long time, is not a 100% guarantee of the absence of disease in the future, but it significantly reduces the risk of their development.

According to numerous studies, the value of organic food is primarily in its safety. In its production it is forbidden to use genetic engineering. One of the possible risks of eating genetically modified foods is its potential toxicity, allergenicity, carcinogenic effect and adverse effects on reproductive function. Also, organic food does not contain food dyes and flavors, raw materials grown with the help of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. This is very important for people with an elevated allergic background, whose number increases. In addition, synthetic supplements can adversely affect the immune and endocrine systems and condition of the skin.

In addition, I want to say about hormones and growth stimulators, actively used for livestock and in poultry farms (in organic farming it is forbidden). Human receptors are perceived in exactly the same way, and therefore, are able to influence our own hormonal balance. Stimulants of growth can damage the synthesis of human growth hormone, which plays a huge role in the growth and development, regulation of protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism.

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