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7 Simple Steps to Stop Sugar Craving

Sugar contributes to the production of human dopamine and serotonin. The feeling of happiness experienced by a person while eating, for example, a chocolate bar, quickly changes into irritability and nervousness. That's why many modern experts have come to the conclusion that sugar is a real drug, and getting rid of sugar dependence can significantly improve your health. Many people, having familiarized themselves with these studies, are convinced that the use of sugar is not necessary for the functioning of our body. To help you in the fight against sugar dependence, we offer 7 simple steps that can significantly reduce cravings for sweets.

1. Bad Sugar against Good

To lead an active lifestyle, the human body needs energy. And a person gets the energy, mainly from carbohydrates. But eating buns and sweets (simple carbohydrates) will never bring you as much energy as eating cereals, whole grain bread and non-starchy vegetables (complex carbohydrates). These products are able to give the body a feeling of satiety and improve digestion, due to the high amount of fiber and vitamins.

2. Increased percentage of fats and protein in the diet

For the normal functioning of the body, a competent ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is necessary. Yes, carbohydrates are the main source of energy. But proteins, for example, help stabilize blood glucose levels, strengthen muscles. And fats are necessary macronutrients for the hair, nails and teeth. In addition, they give a lasting feeling of satiety.

3. Sugary substitute is not always a synonym for a benefit

Synthetic sugar substitutes (stevia, erythritol) often have a negative effect on the body's basic functions. A natural (honey, agave nectar and Jerusalem artichoke) have a high-calorie content and, in fact, are the same sugar.

4. Start reading labels

When studying the ingredients, you will probably find sugar even in such products as sauces, smoothies, and canned food. Therefore, it is better to give preference to homemade food, avoid semi-finished products, packaged salads, and baking. And do not be tempted by inscriptions "does not contain sugar." After all, the presence of artificial sweeteners in products often even worse affect your health.

5. Stop eating because of the emotions

Sugar really contributes to the production of hormones of joy and for a while helps to cope with a feeling of apathy and anxiety. But this same joy can be found in other activities, for example, training, a walk in the park or a meeting with a friend.

6. Realize the importance of sleep

A study conducted by the University of Chicago in 2004 shows that the lack of sleep causes human cravings for high-calorie and, accordingly, carbohydrate-rich food. That's why adherence to sleep (7-9 hours) helps us to live without the sweets.

7. Do not buy

It is quite difficult for a person to resist temptations in the form of a chocolate or a bun hidden for a "rainy day".

To not to test your will once again, just ignore the temptations.

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