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How to maintain health while working at the computer

Many people use the computer for work, spending at the monitor up to 8 hours daily. And the number of owners of personal computers or laptops using such equipment in their spare time has increased significantly in recent years. But to maintain health when there is the dominance of computer technology is quite realistic, one should only make some efforts.

First of all, when working at a computer, users worry about their eyesight. Indeed, during a long and monotonous work at the computer, the eyes experience a lot of stress. Especially harmful for sight is a longstanding reading of electronic books, as a person reading it almost stops to blink.

So, if you are an avid reader, it is recommended to purchase an e-book, since this device has a much smaller screen size than a computer or laptop monitor.

It is necessary to adjust the position of the monitor so that the sun's rays or light from artificial sources do not get on the screen. Of course, we should not forget about gymnastics for tired eyes and frequent short breaks. If these terms are met, your vision will not be affected.

And now pay attention to how you hold the mouse in your hand. Most likely, you compress the hand tighter than you need. Why for? The computer mouse will not break (although everything is possible), but here the tension of the muscles of the hands can be felt afterward.

The same happens if you strongly knock on the computer keyboard. First, you can irritate others, and secondly, you again unnecessarily strain your hands. If you do not want to get a disease called " carpal tunnel syndrome" - urgently stop torturing your technique.

And now let's talk about a back pain. Prolonged sitting in a curved posture is very harmful to health. The main thing - often change the position of the body when working at the computer. Move your legs from side to side, slightly change the angle of the back, turn your head from right to left and back: in general, do everything to not stay in a fixed position for a long time.

Do not forget about daily gymnastics, fitness or at least morning gymnastics. Work on the computer does not require large physical costs, so often alternate it with physical labor or sports exercises. A walk along the street is generally a wonderful opportunity not only to exercise your muscles, but also to provide the opportunity to give a rest to your eyes.

Many forget about the "emotional" harm, potentially coming from the computer, more precisely, from the Internet. The global network contains a huge amount of the most diverse information, among which a large part belongs to the negative: criminal news, incidents. All this destabilizes the psyche. Therefore, before going to bed looking through sites with such information is strictly forbidden - it is better to see independently or the whole family the next series of a comedy film or a scientific and cognitive program.

Time can be spent at the computer both for the benefit of one's own development and health or uselessly, aggravating the already existing problems. Taking into account all potential risks, it is possible to minimize possible harm and get only "benefit" from "communication" with the computer.

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