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20 Steps to Improve Your Life

Many of us are unhappy with our lives. Someone does not like the job, others have problems in the sphere of relations, and the third –are not satisfied with their appearance. Regardless of what exactly makes you unhappy in your life, you are able to fix it. In fact, our life can be improved, all you need is a desire to change it, so get to work. In this article, consider 20 steps that will help you improve your life.

1. Stop criticizing other people - avoiding this habit will lead you to a breakthrough in your own life. When we concentrate on criticizing other people, we do not notice our own problems.

2. Daily give an analysis of your actions for at least 5-10 minutes. It's not necessary to allocate some time for this. The opportunity for analysis can be found dozens of times during the day - when you are standing in a traffic jam, in a queue, before going to bed. You will see how your life will change.

3. Start your day with a smile addressed to your reflection in a mirror. If you start each morning with goodwill towards yourself, you will always have a positive mood.

4. Begin to develop a habit, every morning to perform a certain set of exercises to warm up the muscles or make a 20-minute run. In a few weeks you will not recognize yourself - both externally and internally.

5. Buy yourself a small notebook that you always carry with you and write down all the ideas and interesting thoughts that come to your mind during the day. So you will be able to realize more good ideas.

6. Forgive all the grievances of the past and free your soul from this destructive feeling. Start from childhood. In order to make it easier - you can write on the sheet of paper all the cases that bring a sense of resentment, then aloud say forgiveness and burn the list.

7. Begin to get rid of everything in your apartment or house, which carries negative energy. All the torn things, old jackets, cracked cups, and other trash, which lies "just in case", should be thrown out to clean up the energy of your home.

8. Develop a plan for your life, at least for the next 5 years. So you will know in what direction you need to move and can avoid unnecessary actions.

9. Download and install an application that will become an assistant for your memory. It is difficult to be focused on one thing and perform tasks effectively if you need to keep in mind a lot of extraneous information. Therefore, you can easily rely on the electronics - it never fails.

10. Do something good, at least once a week. This will increase your level of happiness and give you an opportunity to feel better.

11. Find time for a good sleep every day - it is necessary for a positive mood, increased efficiency and attractive appearance.

12. Begin from tomorrow to get up at least one hour earlier. First, you will have more productive time, and secondly, getting up early and going to bed is much more useful for our health.

13. Teach yourself to prepare all the things you will need in the morning since evening. So you can ensure yourself a start of the day without stress, which means you will be in a good mood all day.

14. Appreciate your body - it is yours, and so far people have not learned to clone. Therefore, stop eating fast food, which contains nothing but empty calories and carcinogens. It is better to have a banana or an apple if there is no time for cooking.

15. Every day, do at least one action to build your relationship at various levels. In a relationship with your sweetheart - arrange surprises, learn to tolerate something. At work - tell an anecdote at lunchtime which will cheer everyone, or help a colleague.

16. Learn some of the relaxation techniques - in our time without this it is impossible to be as effective and healthy as possible.

17. Develop the habit of never putting things off for later. So you will be much more effective and will be able to avoid many problems.

18. Find additional sources of income that can bring you profit while you are doing your main business.

19. Periodically for the weekend, go on a trip to some other city, in which you have never been. Such trips will make your life full and will not let the routine absorb you.

20. Learn to deny people when you do not consider it necessary to help. So you can get rid of the energy "parasites".

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