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Olive oil: benefits and harm for health

Olive oil is not in vain considered as one of the most useful products. It is actively used in cooking, medicine and cosmetology. However, oil has harmful properties. We'll figure out…

What is the use of olive oil?

Olive oil is rich in oleic acid, which promotes the optimal course of metabolic processes, strengthens the vascular wall. Included in its composition, fatty acids Omega-9 have an anti-carcinogenic effect, help reduce blood pressure, normalize blood cholesterol levels, prevent diabetes and obesity. Linoleic acid accelerates the healing of wounds, helps to improve eyesight. Vitamins A, D, K strengthen the gut walls and bone tissue. Vitamin E is a highly active antioxidant, it smoothes the skin, makes your hair glossy, slows the aging process.

Regular use of a small amount of olive oil will make you slimmer, younger, more beautiful and will give a feeling of lightness, will cheer you up. And taking 1 tbsp. of olive oil on an empty stomach, you can get rid of gastritis and peptic ulcer. Also, for these purposes, dress salads with it or add it to the porridges and second dishes.

Like all fats, olive oil is a high-calorie product (about 120 calories are contained in one tablespoon). This should be taken into account by those who keep to a diet. Olive oil has a distinct choleretic effect. Therefore, people with cholecystitis, as well as with stones in the gallbladder should use it with caution and not on an empty stomach. Excess consumption of olive oil can cause a reduction of blood pressure, obesity, and can increase the risk of diabetes. Therefore, do not use more than 2 tbsps. of olive oil per day. Olive oil should not be used for frying. Under the influence of high temperatures, the oil begins to "smoke", fats begin to oxidize and, as a result, instead of useful antioxidants free radicals and other dangerous combinations are formed. The best thing is to use the product as a dressing for a salad and other cold dishes.

When choosing olive oil, carefully read the label and examine the composition. Responsible producers will write: for how long olives have been processed (not more than a day), acidity (Extra Virgin - the most useful oil has 0,8% of acidity, Olive Oil - 3,3%, Pomace - 1% ), sort of olives, cropping period, location of olive groves, that is, detailed information about the source raw material.

If it is possible to taste the oil, remember that a good olive oil must include such qualities:

- intensity

- bitterness

- clean mouth (does not leave a fat feeling in the mouth)

It is important to remember that color does not affect the quality of the oil, it can range from light green to intense-thick. The color of olive oil depends only on the maturity of the olives and the region where they were harvested.

Also, keep in mind: quality olive oil cannot be cheap.

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