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Yoga: what kind of benefit and harm can it bring?

Yoga is a complex discipline that includes a deep philosophy, reorganization of consciousness, variety of techniques of meditation, breathing, and an appeal to the very essence of a man. Yoga combines static and dynamic physical activity in a special way, practically all muscle groups are involved. The main purpose of yoga is to learn how to control yourself and your body.

Today, yoga is very popular in the world, but often, its teachers and their students forget that it should be a complex practice: both physical and spiritual. At the same time, the system of physical exercises is often moved to the foreground, and the spiritual component is lost, that is completely wrong. It should also be understood that yoga classes are quite responsible, despite the obvious benefits to the body, due to some ignorance, it can significantly harm the person.

The Benefits of Yoga for Human Health

Psychological benefits of proper training of yoga are quite obvious: it makes a person more good-tempered, calm, teaches to love and understand himself and the body. As for yoga as a system of physical exercises, as well as breathing practice, it can be very helpful.

Your breath while doing yoga should be smooth, involving the abdominal muscles, diaphragm, different groups of respiratory muscles. During exercises, the correlation of carbon dioxide and oxygen is regulated, and a positive effect on the nervous system and the brain is carried out. Yoga involves a meditative state, exercises should be carried out calmly, in no hurry, concentrating as much as possible on a certain action. What are the health benefits of yoga? First of all: Ability to control and feel your body, fight stress. Normalization of blood pressure and strengthening the cardiovascular system. Development of elasticity of the muscles, an elasticity of the skin, correct posture. Normalization of metabolism, getting rid of overweight. Immune stimulation. Healthy sleep. Normalization of the hormonal system.

In addition, it should be kept in mind that serious yoga classes exclude harmful habits such as smoking, alcoholism, drug use, which also has a very positive effect on human health. Also, great attention is paid to yoga by eating only healthy food.

The possible hurt of yoga.

Yoga, like everything else in life, requires a correct and wise approach. You should not give large loads to the unprepared body. Also, there are certain contraindications for health. They are: Acute diseases of the internal organs (appendicitis, etc.). Wounds and other heart diseases. Diseases of the blood.


The first six months after a heart attack or a stroke.

The first 3 months after any surgical intervention.

High blood pressure.

Infective lesion of the joints.

The presence of vertebral hernias and spondylolisthesis.

Infections of the spinal cord and the brain.

Bad health as a result of influenza, acute respiratory viral infections.

Mental disorders.

The second and the third trimester of pregnancy and the first 3 months after birth (there is a special yoga for pregnant women, but it should also be treated with caution, carefully choosing a teacher and controlling the load).

It is not desirable to do yoga during menstruation.

If you have at least minimal health problems, it's best to consult your physician about the feasibility of doing yoga.

You should remember that yoga must bring moral and physical satisfaction and relief, not discomfort or injury. It is strictly forbidden to perform yoga exercises for a beginner, because you can damage ligaments, joints, stretch muscles, even damage the spine. Yoga is not a gymnastics, it is a system of spiritual and physical practices that have existed for several thousand years. It can bring enormous benefits to a person if it is done correctly and sensibly.

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