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Do you have breakfast? Here are useful tips for a breakfast from a dietician.

In today's rhythm, life requires good health and high productivity. Being healthy has become fashionable! Mass media, glossy magazines and the Internet tell us about new trends in health improvement, the latest techniques, etc. .... 21st century is outside - but a person has not changed! We all have the same needs. They are different, but some are basic: safety, food and the continuation of the bloodline, as well as: rest, sleep, love, social realization and recognition, etc.

The need for food is one of the main. That is why the huge industry - the food industry works to meet this need. Recently, the so-called "Food Plate" was adopted and recommended as a guide to action. There are recommendations for the use of the main groups of products: proteins, fats and carbohydrates, water, fruits and vegetables.

Do you have breakfast?

Many people do not have breakfast for some reason (I do not have time, I do not want, there is no appetite). But in the morning we take a lot of decisions, we think about future actions (how to get there, call, write ...). Primarily, it is referred to the office staff. Workers` needs differ significantly from those of a rural dweller who works, for example, in a garden in the open air, coal miners or other hard work, athletes, children, or nursing mothers.

Office workers work for hours in front of a computer, continuously overloading the brain, taking important strategic decisions, without any separation of them from emotions, comprehending lots of information, without noticing the load on the eyes. Typical problems of office workers became commonplace: the meaning of life, hypodynamia, chronic stress and fatigue, intestinal disease, venous stasis in a small pelvis and overweight.

A formula of a healthy and useful breakfast.

What should we take into account when we pick up breakfast products: nutrition, ease of cooking, product availability, seasonality and quality, appearance and price. Ideally, the number of calories consumed for breakfast should be 40% of the daily ration, and this is about 500 kcal. However, it's important not so much calorific value, but the individual fulness of the required components.

What are the requirements for breakfast?

1. To have enough protein at the breakfast. For many years, it has been considered to be the best thing to have eggs for breakfast.

2. It is good to include bread or toast, with cheese, cream butter, which will be both protein component and hydrocarbon.

3. Cereal products. These can be whole grains - pearl barley, barley, wheat, rice, millet, couscous, bulgur, quinoa and other welded on the water with butter.

4. For breakfast, it is good to use black tea, natural coffee or cocoa, since it is necessary to maintain and feed the brain that needs glucose and those blood vessels that are waiting for the protein and the normalization of tone.

What should not be consumed during the breakfast?

1. Dairy cereals - for adults, and especially for working people.

2. Oatmeal and muesli, which ferment in the intestine for a long time and give a false sense of fast- fullness.

So, plan your breakfast with attention and imagination. Remember - the correct start of the day is the key to fruitful work for the whole day. Bless you!

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