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The boomerang-effect, the law of requital, reflection or the law of karma is one of the most indestructible laws of the universe. But sometimes the reckoning comes from the unexpected side. Therefore, I do not believe in this law. In addition, it seems to us that many misconducts, thoughts and actions are unpunished, and we repeat them again, without any realization that the law of karma has come into effect long ago. The law of karma extends to our descendants. But what is the blame for our offspring? They do not misbehave. They follow the rules, live according to the law of good neighborliness and peaceful coexistence with people and nature. But for some reason they are always unlucky. Like some kind of spell, a curse for the whole family. And sometimes for the whole society. You can scold the sky a thousand times and appeal to justice, but nothing will change. The law of karma is inexorable. For all bad things done by us or our predecessors, you will definitely have to pay. This is the law of karmic duty, which one of us sooner or later has to experience. Is it possible to get rid of the karmic boomerangs, not thrown by us? It is possible, I think, having accepted their inevitability and constantly, methodically neutralizing or changing them. How to do this? 1. You can neutralize it by recognizing the mistakes of the predecessors. And, if not condemning, then at least avoiding them in your life practice. Do not make such errors of the ancestors during your life-time as • humiliation of others; • cheating; • violence; • fear of telling the truth and being yourself; • slavish obedience, etc. 2. Get rid of the heavy karmic debts by playing them, that is, having experienced suffering, paying for your own and others' sins and understanding for what you are suffering. 3. To earn a positive karma. At first glance, it's very simple, and everyone knows about it. You just have to think, do, give, throw in the world only good: good, sincere love, gratitude, friendliness. Every day and hour fill with bright thoughts and deeds. To help people, nature, animals, their city, home, entrance hall, etc. That is, throw boomerangs of good, which will necessarily return to you or to your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Why, knowing this, people do not rush to do good things? Not that they are too greedy or lazy, envious or mean. Simply they have been so often deceived, used for one`s own purposes, walked all over, offended, mocked, evaluated negatively. They didn’t notice that they had forgotten how to believe in the law of reflection. It seems to them that good never returns. Boomerang returns every time differently If all boomerangs had returned exactly to the place from which they were launched, then people probably would never say rude and cruel words, would not commit bad deeds and would not hurt anyone. But the fact remains that the karmic boomerang does not always hit the same spot. Although this still happens. Karmic Mirror We are all familiar with a simple karmic mirror, such as "smile and the world will smile in response." "Think about people positively and you will be surrounded only by positive personalities." "Do well, and everything will be fine." This simple mechanism is fixed in the well-known proverbs and sayings: " What goes around comes around. ", " Bad penny always comes back ", " scratch my back and I'll scratch yours ", " one must reap as one has sown." In this case, everything is simple "Sow reasonable, good, eternal, sow, thanks to you will tell the cordial Russian people!" In most cases provided sincerity of intentions and the unity of words and deeds, so it happens. Anyone who has at least once experienced the law of reflection, practices it in his life-time and gets what he deserves. That is, he gets what he gives. If he smiles, people smile at him. If he curses and screams - the same thing happens to him in revenge. False mirror Why doesn’t it work with some people? I smile at everyone, but no one even holds the door in the subway","I try my best to do good things, but people ignore me, betray and do hurm." Because outwardly there is a smile, but inwardly - a stone, put crudely. That is, a person does good things, says good words, but in the soul, deeply, deeply, where he/she himself/herself rarely goes, everything is exactly opposite. That is, these good words, smiles and deeds are just masks that a person puts on, pursuing some of his/her own mercantile goals: • to hit fancy; • to gather support; • to be good in the eyes of others; • to get a "like" in response; • to become friends with other person thanks to giving and rewarding; • not to differ from the others; • to differ from the others; • to show courtesy, tolerance, kindness, etc. The main thing is sincerity True kindness does not require anything in return and is rather spontaneous than planned and pre-prepared. It does not pursue remuneration. It is unselfish and quit. It's like throwing money into the water, without any hope that they will multiply or return to you. Only such a sincere boomerang, so to speak, returns to the same point. Unexpectedness of the "boomerang-effect" It, as a rule, returns unexpectedly and not from the awaited side. And this applies not only to positive boomerangs, but also negative. And since we quite often, without any hesitation, commit such familiar negative karmic actions: • take offense; • envy; • criticize; • discuss and condemn; • think negatively, and so on. That's what we get in full, without the realization of why so much misfortunes have fallen upon us. But we could do the opposite: • smile; • help; • praise; • admire; • shake hands; • warm; • support; • cheer up; • inspire; • wash, clean, make, fix, make with your hands, etc. How much good deeds, thoughts and words can be devised to spread only boomerangs of good and joy. If we do this sincerely and disinterestedly, so maybe it will reach not only our children, but our age as well.

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