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How important habits in your life are intertwined

If you know how some habits affect others, you can learn how to effectively manage them.

Usually the most important habits cause a chain reaction and affect other areas of life. For example, training. In the short term, the effects of physical exercise are not the most pleasant: you feel pain, there is less time for other activities. But what eventually comes thanks to sports is definitely worth it. You have more energy, you become happier and live longer.

Harmful habits like overeating have the opposite effect. At first you enjoy a lot of food, but soon start felling lack of energy for work and hobbies. If you stop controlling this habit, then the duration of your life is reduced. The habit can be called important for two reasons:

-What it gives to you, makes your life better - then you continue to do what you like. - Its consequences make your life worse - then you have a desire to get rid of it.

Imagine that we have identified five basic habits that have a good or bad effect on life. In our case, three of them are useful: training, meditation, reading. Two more are harmful: alcohol and overeating. During the week, try to look at immediate and long-term effects your habits have on your life. Define which of them make you more productive, creative and happy, and which have the opposite effect. Notice that ingrained habits influence each other. For example, excessive consumption of alcohol and overeating deprive you of energy, because of it you don`t want to meditate, read and do sports. But permanent meditations have a positive effect on other habits: due to awareness, you drink less alcohol and do not overeat. Important habits can be related to each other in completely different ways:

Make sure that they are always in front of your eyes. For example, write down the habits on the board. So you will often think their effect your work and life. It will be easier for you to adjust your habits.

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