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Facial massage, which will make you more beautiful in just 7 minutes a day

It will take only a few sessions to return the skin firmness, freshness and smooth tone.

How does facial massage work?

Massage for the face is like a fitness for the body. It seems nothing special, but with regular classes at some point you find that you look more fit, fresh and younger than your peers. Here is the same story.

There are many types of massage. For example, the therapeutic helps to cope with acne, enlarged pores and scars from past eruptions. Plastic - to restore the "floated" features and even to form, for example, cheekbones or to make the chin more defined. But such massage is better be done by a specialist. Focusing on the condition of the face and age changes, a professional cosmetologist will be able to select exactly the technique that will be most effective for your skin.

At home, it's better to do Japanese anti-aging asahi massage and classical massage. These techniques do not require special skills, are accessible to everyone and do not take a lot of time. We'll take a look at the classics.

Classical massage improves blood circulation (as a consequence - nutrition of skin cells) and lymph drainage, increases skin elasticity, has a toning effect on the muscular framework. The results of this are diverse and pleasant:

1. Improves the complexion.

2. Smoothes small wrinkles.

3. Smoothes the look of the skin after acne.

4. Puffiness decreases.

5. The wilting of the skin slows down, the clear oval of the face lasts longer (therefore after 40 years, massage is worth doing to every woman).

Can a facial massage hurt?

Yes. Under certain conditions, the procedure can worsen the condition not only of the skin, but of the body as a whole. Therefore, cosmetologists voice a number of contraindications to the massage:

1. Infectious or allergic diseases that are accompanied by rashes: acne, eczema, dermatitis, herpes and so on.

2. ENT diseases: sinusitis, otitis, tonsillitis, and others.

3. Malignant neoplasms on the face. In general, for any tumor processes in the body, you need to consult about the massage with the doctor who observes you (dermatologist, oncologist, endocrinologist).

4. Lymphatic disorders, for example inflammation of the lymph nodes.

5. Decreased heart pressure.

6. Increased brittleness of blood vessels, which often causes bruises and small hemorrhages on the skin.

7. Lot of moles on the face.

8. Skin after deep chemical peelings and professional microdermabrasion.

If all of the above is not about you, it's good. Now we have to deal with the safety rules.

Before you start the massage, master the basic thesis: all movements should be performed exclusively on massage lines.

This is extremely important! Otherwise, the results can upset you: instead of the expected disposal of wrinkles, you will get new "creases" on the skin.

And further. With fading or couperose-prone skin, patting and tingling movements are not allowed: they will worsen existing problems.

How often should you do a face massage

For a good result, massage should be done at least twice a week. The best - every other day. The course of massage is 6-10 sessions. If necessary, you can repeat the course in 1-2 months.

How to prepare for a face massage

Cleanse the face

Remove the make-up thoroughly and wash with warm water. If desired, soften the skin. For example, put a warm wet towel on your face for a couple of minutes or sit over the basin with hot water. This will improve the penetration of the beneficial substances that are contained in your massage cream or oil into the tissues.

Moisten the skin

Massage in any case can not be carried out "on dry": it stretches the skin and like the subcutaneous vessels do not like it. With gentle movements strictly on massage lines, apply to your face your favorite nourishing cream (it will suit the possessor of dry skin) or oil (with normal and oily skin): olive, sunflower, almond, grape seed, jojoba ...

You can add a drop of flavored oil you like in the base oil. For example, it is believed that the addition of cinnamon essential oil helps to eliminate puffiness, grapefruit or orange - to clean pores, cypress - to brighten and improve complexion, roses to fight wrinkles. How much these recommendations will be effective in your case, will show only personal experience.

In any case, a drop of your favorite aromatic oil will turn massage into a kind of spa procedure - not only useful, but also pleasant.

How to do face massage

Slightly heat the skin

Massage starts from the chin, gradually rising up on the massage lines. Movements should be soft and smooth, as if stroking. Give massage movements to each line for 3-5 seconds. Try not to stretch the skin.

Relax facial muscles

This can be done by stroking the temples in circular motions or drawing with your fingers small "eight". Then easily press the thumb of the right hand to the point between the eyebrows, for about 30 seconds.

Do a massage, moving from the center to the periphery

1. Place the middle and index fingers of both hands on the forehead near the bridge of the nose. Smooth the skin through the massage lines, moving from the bridge of the nose to the temples and the hair growth line.

2. Go to the nose: fold index and middle fingers to smooth the back of the nose from the bottom up. Make 4-5 movements.

3. Place three fingers of both hands on the wings of the nose and smooth the skin to the periphery with symmetrical movements. 4-5 movements is enough. Then, continuing to smooth the skin in the same directions and along the massage lines, get down: from the wings of the nose through the tips of the lips to the chin. And again rise to the nose.

4. Bend your fingers and the upper knuckles of the index and medium fingers, rub your face in symmetrical circular motions. We remind: do not stretch the skin!

5. Repeat the movements from step 3.

6. Relax the cheekbones by pressing your fingers on the active points near the lobes.

7. Continue massage, repeating the movements from point 3 and gradually moving upwards: from the chin to the forehead.

8. Perform a neck massage: soft stroking movements of the fingers from the bottom up, from the clavicles to the chin.

9. Complete the massage with light patting movements of the fingers on the skin of the face. Watch the massage lines!

Clean the face of the remains of cream or oil

This can be done with cotton pads, again moving along massage lines. That’s it, the beauty procedure is completed. If necessary, you can apply your favorite cosmetics.

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