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Warren Buffett’s 5/25 rule will help you focus on the important things

Write down 25 goals and identify what is the most important. Try to stay focused.

Make a list of goals

There is a story about how Warren Buffett helped his pilot Mike Flint, who worked for him for 10 years. Once he asked about Flint’s career goals. "The fact that you're still working for me, means that I'm not doing my job," Buffett joked. He suggested him conducting a simple exercise to determine things that really matter.

The first step in this exercise was to list down 25 things that Flint wanted to realize in the foreseeable future.

Then he needed to think which goals were the most important and choose the top 5. It would seem that choosing these five goals is the most difficult. But after that, Buffett asked what Flint was going to do with the other twenty points.

"I'll focus on the first five, but other points are important to me, too," Flint explained. "I will work on them from time to time, while I achieve the main five goals." To this, Buffett said sternly: "No, you have got it wrong. Everything that you did not choose turned into your Avoid-At-All-Cost list. Do not pay attention to them, until you achieve your top five goals.


Why is it more important to focus on only 5 goals?

We are constantly distracted. That is why most people never become professionals in any sphere. Every time we are distracted by something new and It takes away our time and attention, does not allow us to focus on something really important.

Do not be distracted by fashion trends and do not change your interests. Use 5/25 rule not only in your career, but also in other life spheres: health, relationships, personal goals.

How does it work in real life?

Think about everything that you would like to do. Learn a foreign language. Learn the musical instrument. Start your own business. Explore the world. Most of us do not achieve such goals that means that they are not really important for these people. Usually such goals are chosen, because they can bring some benefit. But it is not enough to strive for.

For example, it would be great to speak ten different languages. But spending all the weekend studying the grammar is not so exciting. Foreign languages ​​are not very high on our list of priorities, work and family are usually more important. Therefore, we study them only in our spare time, and it takes years to achieve this goal.

Do more of what matters.

Time and attention are two of the most important resources in the world, but both are limited. There are a lot of good opportunities but there is no need to try everything.

Reduce your list of goals. It will help you understand what is really important to you.

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