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7 compelling reasons to wake up an hour earlier

Set your alarm clock an hour earlier! It really makes sense. Sleep is very important, but the last hour of sleep can be safely sacrificed for a good purpose. Believe me, this valuable time should be spent more usefully. So, here are 7 benefits that you will get, if you wake up an hour earlier.

1. You can do morning exercise Don’t like waking up early? In order to start waking up earlier, you need to move more often! Going to the gym or jogging before sunrise is a great way to get brisk energy for the whole day, improve your mood and boost your productivity. You can do yoga, which will help you to strengthen the muscles and cleanse the soul. During the day, you will feel more relaxed and less stressed.

2. You will eat right When you are late, of course, there is no time for culinary delights. Unfortunately, fast food often comes to the rescue. Or donuts and croissants on the way to the office. All these extra morning calories are rapidly deposited in the body in the form of fat. But you can always wake up an hour earlier in the morning to make a healthy breakfast. A nutritious and healthy breakfast with an optimum proportion of proteins, carbohydrates and fibers will saturate the body for 4-5 hours and restrain craving for sweets throughout the day.

3. You can improve your mood Scientists say that waking up with the first rays of the sun makes you feel happier. Studies indicate that "early birds" are much happier and more positive than people who wake up late. The fact is that our internal clock is somehow coordinated with the sunrise and the sunset. Therefore, morning look happier and it really annoys «night owls”.

4. You will get rid of anxiety Late start of the day can become a catastrophe for the rest of the day. As a result, you will get a million things on your mind and you will be riddled with

anxiety and unease. Use a quiet, peaceful time in the morning to do a few things or just read a book. It is proved that reading in the morning helps to increase the productivity of the working day, and also helps to get rid of stress. Meditation can also give a mental impulse to improve mood. It can calm your mind and prepare you for a work day.

5. You can improve your appearance Waking up an hour earlier can make you look better. An extra hour in the morning means that you can spend more time on different things: ironing the shirt, hair styling, manicure, make-up, etc. So, you no longer need to make a difficult decision: have breakfast or put on makeup.

6. You can be more productive at work A quiet morning in your room creates an uninterrupted period of productivity. Without the cacophony of meetings, letters and conversations, buzzing around you in the office, you can better concentrate on a work day before you go to the office. A quiet hour before work helps to prevent stress.

7. You can avoid crowds and traffic jams The crowd in the subway at rush hour or traffic jams on the highway can seriously ruin your day before you come to work. Waking up an hour earlier, you can avoid it. Firstly, you will have time to have breakfast, and meditate, and get ready for working a calm atmosphere. Secondly, you can leave home earlier and get to work without unpleasant adventures.