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We will tell you why a person becomes weak and loses strength.

Where our energy flows: TOP-10

1. Unfinished tasks

Whenever we get down to some work and do not bring it to the end, our life energy is wasted. In the human psyche remains an incomplete process that is not locked in memory, but devours our energy. This includes unfulfilled promises, debts, unfinished and their astonishing number.

2. The lie

And not just to others, but also to ourselves. When a person is lying, he has to squander energy to maintain fictional images. The expression " to act against one's conscience " can not be taken for granted, because the flow between the chakra of the throat and the heart is bent. This also includes hypocrisy, self-deception, attempts to appear someone you are not.

3. Insults and self-isolation

If a person is isolated, he starts to weaken, because he needs to exchange energy with other people. When a person is not included in any community, he loses energy. This includes parting with the family, moving to another country, offences we take on some people or live in general.

4. Fear and Distrust

The same happens when we experience fear. The organism is in the mode of war, ready to fight for itself. It exhausts it and takes away energy.

5. Physical or emotional overload

This includes the lack of physical exercises and interaction with nature. Do not overload yourself with work and worries. The body uses the adrenal hormones to tackle stress, which, if overused, can lead to kidney failure.

6. Lack of sleep

During sleep, all organs and body systems are renewed. If you sleep inadequately, you simply will not be able to renew your strength. The body will accumulate toxins, knock off the biorhythms, and the brain will be overloaded with undigested information.

7. Overeating, misuse of bad habits

All of this harms not only our physical body, but also spiritual. Harmful habits and gluttony cause the body to spend resources to remove toxins, instead of restoring the nervous system, kidneys, intestines, and so on.

8. Empty talks

Fussiness, inner dialogue, self-flagellation, etc. - all this harms our body. For empty talk, not filled with any meaning, a person wastes a lot of energy. Remember that silence is golden.

9. Diseases, untreated injuries, energy vampires

This includes unpleasant people in communication, traumas, diseases, both physical and mental - these reasons take away our vital energy.

10. Unthoughtful sexual relations

This is one of the most powerful channels of wasting of energy. Intimate relationships is a very serious matter not only from the physical point of view, but also of the spiritual. During making love, a person exchanges energy with a partner, takes partner’s and gives his/her energy. In addition, indiscriminate sexual relations can result in physical illnesses. Do not deplete yourself by entering into a sexual contact with a large number of partners. Take care of your health and energy, because it takes a very long time to restore them.

Take care of yourself and your vitality.

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