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We picked up the most popular breakfast products in the healthiest countries in the world. They will help you to revise your morning menu.

Every year, scientists make a list of countries with the best health indicators. The new list includes Qatar, Norway, Switzerland, Japan, Iceland and Singapore. Therefore, today we will take a look at what the inhabitants of these countries eat for breakfast.

People have reasons to say, that breakfast is the most import meal of the day, if you want to be healthy. And the new dishes in your diet with the traditional products of any country - it's like a small round-the-world trip.

1. Qatar

Residents of Qatar prefer eggs for breakfast. The two most traditional dishes are: sweet noodles with saffron and eggs, called balaleet, and eggs cooked in thick tomato sauce - shakshouka. They are usually eaten with beans or unleavened cakes.

2. Norway

A traditional Norwegian breakfast is a sandwich with butter and various fillings. Usually it is salami, smoked salmon or Norwegian ham (skinke). It is often eaten with scrambled eggs, white or brown cheese (which is called "brunus"), cucumbers or fruit.

3. Switzerland

A typical breakfast in Switzerland is muesli, that is a mixture of oat flakes with dried fruits, which is usually watered with yoghurt and eaten with fresh fruit. In addition, in the west of the country, in Romandia, people prefer to eat bread or croissants with jam. Let the breakfast be not quite healthy, but very tasty for sure!

4. Luxembourg

Breakfast in Luxembourg is similar to a traditional German breakfast - bread with butter and cheese or jam. However, children usually eat flakes from cereals and take fruit and sandwiches to school. Adults prefer to have a snack in a cafe.

5. Japan

The Japanese prefer rice with natto (fermented soybeans), pickled vegetables, miso soup and, of course, green tea for breakfast. However, this is a traditional breakfast option. Today, the usual Western breakfasts like toasts, boiled eggs and coffee become more popular.

6. Iceland

Icelanders prefer to have breakfast at home. Someone starts the day with coffee and toast, and someone prefers oatmeal. In many families it is usual to take a fish oil tablet after breakfast, which the locals almost worship. It is a good source of vitamin D, which is vital in the harsh winter months, when the sun is rare to be seen.

7. Austria

Coffee, bread, jam, butter and boiled egg - that's the whole Austrian breakfast. However, young people prefer organic products like milk with honey, cottage cheese, toast from whole grain bread, avocado or other fruits. But many workers pamper themselves with a piece of cake in their favorite coffee shop.

8. Singapore

The most popular breakfast in Singapore is boiled eggs, crispy fried toast and a paste, made of coconut pulp. However, like the whole world, the inhabitants of Singapore are crazy about coffee in all its variations, because they simply can’t imagine their breakfast without a cup of a fragrant drink. Toast is still quite often buttered and eaten with fresh fruit.

9. Sweden

Swedes have two options for a traditional breakfast. The first is any kind of bread or toast with a variety of stuffing: cheese, some meat (sausages, thinly sliced ​​boiled pork or ham), as well as the famous Kalles Kaviar - a Swedish paste made from cod caviar in tubes. The second option is represented by porridge, boiled eggs and sour milk. And of course, a cup of strong tasty coffee.

10. Australia

If we are talking about a traditional breakfast in Australia, then you can bet that it will consist of a bowl of cereal flakes and several toast, covered with vegemite - a thick, slightly salty paste of dark brown color, made of yeast extract, which is perhaps the most important product in Australian homes.

Some prefer traditional eggs, toast and fresh fruit, others eat salads. In addition, a traditional breakfast can include a toast with avocado and feta cheese, as well as a cup of coffee or another invigorating drink.

Despite the fact that a healthy breakfast is certainly important, and it is necessary to approach the choice of products for it with all responsibility, do not forget about other meals. Only proper nutrition together with regular sport activities will help you to always stay in shape. Choose what you like and what is good for the body, and be healthy!

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