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In the spring we have two tasks: to lose weight and strengthen immune system after a cold winter. How to combine these two desires properly and not to harm the health?

Spring is the time of cardinal changes, when you want not only to change something in your life, but also to change outwardly. Choosing a mono-diet (for example, sitting on one kefir or buckwheat), we deprive our body of beneficial vitamins and microelements. As a result, immune system suffers and it is easy for us to catch a cold. How to solve this problem?

In the winter on the shelves of supermarkets you could find fresh greens, but neither look, nor taste, nor price were inspiring. But the beginning of spring is a real season of fresh greenery. To lose weight and strengthen immune system pay attention to wild garlic, young green onions and sprouts of garlic.

Wild garlic

It's hard to believe, but the benefit of wild garlic is known since ancient times (about 5000 thousand years ago). This herb has a specific garlic flavor, low calories and is able to help our immune system, especially during the off-season. In food it can be eaten fresh, pickled or salted. The first option will be most useful.

If you make an easy vegetable salad (bell pepper, cucumber, tomato, tofu), add some garlic. This herb reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood, eliminates spring fatigue, drowsiness and high blood pressure. It is recommended to add it to the soup 10-15 minutes before the end of cooking.

Green onions

Everyone knows that we meet the beginning of spring with a problem - avitaminosis. Green onions help us to get rid of it, it perfectly provides our body with vitamin C and thereby strengthens the immune system. Thanks to the content of zinc, the condition of the hair and nails improves. In addition, the green onion is not at all high-calorie (19 kcal per 100 g), it is enough to add only 20 g in vegetable salad, for taste.

It is great for cooking meat dishes. For example, if you want to lose weight, you can make chicken rolls with a filling of green onions. Bit some meat a little, cut the onion and roll it. Bake for 30 minutes. Tasty and healthy!

Green parsley for immune system

In early spring parsley is one of the first products that can provide our body with useful substances. Just imagine, in 100 grams of this greener there is more vitamin C than in lemon, so it is so useful for strengthening immunity. It is low-calorie (53 kcal per 100 g). If you want to help the immune system in the spring and lose weight while doing this, we recommend you to include it into your menu. Morning can begin with a delicious and healthy snack: you need to take cottage cheese, add finely chopped parsley, a little black pepper and sour cream. Such paste can be applied on whole wheat bread.

Young garlic

Young garlic does not have such a strong aftertaste as in winter, but there is rich in flavour. In addition, with the help of young garlic it is possible to strengthen the immune system of the body, improve the cerebral circulation, the activity of the respiratory system, and cope with viruses and microbes. just add 10 grams of this product to any dish,. Only 10 g is enough to feel the taste of this greenery.

Strengthen your immune system, eat tasty and with health benefits!

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