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TREATMENT WITH LAUGHTER: What is the benefit?

Laughter is the best medicine for our health, it is absolutely harmless and completely free.

Benefits of laughter for health

Loud laughter is a great physical exertion. When a person laughs, eighty groups of muscles work in his body. Shoulders, diaphragm and thorax shake, while the muscles of the back and neck relax.

During the laughter, the blood vessels are trained to protect the body from cardiac and vascular ailments: the heart rate increases, the cholesterol level decreases.

Laughter supply tissues with oxygen and helps improve breathing. When you have fun, your immunity rises and the work of the intestines is normalized.

In the body of a cheerful person, changes occur even at the chemical level. There is the development of lymphocytes - blood cells, which protect us from infection, and antibodies that resist viruses. During laughter, the muscle clamp decreases and as a result, headaches, other pains and asthma attacks decrease and endurance increases.

Studies have shown that children smile approximately 400 times a day, while adults, only 10-15 times. Maybe that's why we complain about health more and more often when we get older.

Laughter reduces the level of stress hormones - adrenaline and cortisol and the hormones of happiness - endorphins enter the bloodstream, dull pain and cause a sense of satisfaction, joy and ease.

Laughter improves mood and provides a good sleep.

Moreover, laughter is the cheapest way to look attractive. During the laughter, the facial muscles become toned, the blood supply of the skin improves, replacing the cosmetic massage.

Laughter for 15 minutes is able to burn all the calories that are contained, for example, in the bar chocolate. And just one minute of laughter is equivalent to 15 minutes of cycling! Of course, it does not mean that all sports training can be replaced with laughter.

Studies indicate that people who have optimistic views on life are sick less often. In addition, laughter and humor are wonderful spiritual healers, allowing to forget our problems and adversities for some time.

Laughter as a cure for disease

  1. Group laughter therapy. During the sessions of group laughter, there is a collective watching of comedies, the exchange of jokes and anecdotes, listening to audiotapes with a contagious laughter.

  2. The doctor clown - attraction for work in hospitals of medical clowns. In their spare time, these people rush to hospitals to have fun with small patients. This method of treatment is quite effective, and in some countries every clinic has a regular medical clown.

  3. Funny yoga. Traditional yoga exercises and soft stretches are combined with group laughter. Lovers of laughter gather together and form a big group. At the beginning of classes, if you do not even want to laugh, you must try to imitate it.

  4. Experience has shown that artificial laughter literally turns into real laughter in a few minutes. Maybe, the fact is that we laugh much less often, because laughter is a group phenomenon.

And also the amateurs of merry yoga have their own theory that different tonalities of laughter are able to ensure the healing of various parts of the body. The organs of the abdominal cavity are beneficially affected by a low "ho-ho". Heart activity are stimulated by "ha-ha". "hee-hee" improves the blood supply of the throat and brain.