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How to Boost Your Metabolism in the Morning: 5 Effective Ways

Do you want to burn more calories during the day? Then you have to learn about some easy methods that will help you to boost metabolism without any harm for your health. These five tricks will help you to wake up quickly and to accelerate the burning of calories.

How to Boost Metabolism

1. Morning Exercises

Morning workouts do not just give a cheerful charge for the whole day, they help to boost your metabolism as well. To start the process of losing weight from fat deposits, rather than muscles and water reserves of the body, it is necessary to do the exercise on an empty stomach. So your body will use the fat reserves of your body as energy, not the calories that came with food at breakfast. By the way, even a 20-minute training will help to start the metabolism. The most effective training in the morning is jogging. You can do it with someone from family members or take a player to cheer up.

2. ​Add strength training

A recent study by American scientists has shown that intensive training for 2.5 minutes a day helps to burn 200 more calories, even if you don’t exercise anymore during a day. Need ideas on how to add intensity to your workouts? Make a bar with turns to the side, deep squats with jumping out or just jump with the rope for 3 minutes.

3. Don’t neglect Breakfasts

You should never skip breakfast just because - because of the bustle, or because you want to lose weight. Eating in the morning helps to keep your body (and metabolism) in the best condition. Eat a hearty breakfast shortly after a morning exercise to prepare the body for burning energy throughout the morning. By the way, it's better not to eat fruit in the morning, a good idea would be to replace them with porridge or wholesome protein breakfasts.

4. Walk

Do not forget to add power walk, at least to the subway. Scientists have proved that 10-20 minutes of walking a day helps to burn 100 calories more.

5. Eat an Afternoon Snack

To boost metabolism and lose weight you don’t need to starve, but eat right. Perfect break between the main meal and snack should be no more than 4 hours. The best option for a snack for burning fat is food with antioxidants (green tea, natural coffee) and protein. This will give your metabolism an extra boost. But buns and donuts as a pre-dinner snack are not the best option. Quickly digested carbohydrates cause the body to feel hungry after half an hour after eating.

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