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6 Ways to Find Harmony

We are so used to the hustle and bustle of the surrounding world, that we completely forgot about such things as peace, quiet and harmony. Stop for a minute, look around and rejoice at how beautiful this world is.

Stop. Trust me, you can’t do all your tasks. And, at the end, are they so important that we even sacrifice our health, as we have only one life? Learn how to keep balance between work and rest, find the harmony with yourself and with the world around you with the help of these steps.

The silence is extremely important in the morning, as the cortisol level at this time is the highest. Don’t turn on news or start looking through the newspaper immediately after waking up. “It takes only 12 minutes to lower the cortisol level”, - says Janet Luhrs, the author of “The Simple Living Guide: A Sourcebook for Less Stressful, More Joyful Living”. Spend the first 12 minutes of your day in silence with a cup of hot tea, watching the sun rise, leaves falling slowly or snowflakes swirling peacefully.

Silent Mode

Very often you are doing your housework to the sound of music. It’s normal. However, try to turn it off for 30 minutes and enjoy the silence while you are washing the dishes, remove dust or do the ironing. "Such things are meaningless in the good sense of the word, since they do not require us to strain our minds”, - says Joseph Dispenza, a spiritual mentor and a former monk, who spent one year without talking. It will enable your intuition to show itself, as it’s not always possible to hear it at the noise of day. Don’t be surprised if at this time you’ll find the solution to the problem that has been bothering you for a long time.

Take a Walk in the Forest

A walk in the forest is one of the easiest ways to enjoy the silence and relax. Save your iPod for the gym and listen to the world around you.

Work in a Garden

Gardening has two benefits: you enjoy nature and stay alone with yourself. Simple replanting can significantly lower the stress level.

Get to Work in Silence

Janet Luhrs says that getting to and from work with your player turned off is a good way to start and finish your day. Think about the things that happened to you today, restore vivacity of spirit and inner peace.

Turn the Notifications off

Mobile phones, messengers, e-mail – it fills our life with sounds and distractors. Try to switch all your gadgets off for some time and spend a few hours enjoying the silence.

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