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It's not surprising, that the secret of perfect morning is a delicious and healthy breakfast! We conducted an experiment, and found 5 reasons to start the morning with porridge.

What do we want from breakfast? It should be useful and easy to prepare. It is possible to combine all the criteria in one dish but you will need a bit of imagination and try to be more creative.

Why you need to eat porridge in the morning?

Porridges can make you forget about hunger for a long time. In addition, you don’t need to worry about its caloric content because porridge is considered a dietary product.

Cornmeal porridge.

We know that you expected that oatmeal will be on the first place. No, it's not.

There are many reasons why you should start morning with cornmeal porridge. It contains a large amount of fiber, so it helps to remove toxins and radionuclides from the body, and also cleanses the intestines and prevents putrefactive processes and fermentation. Morning begins with purifying.

If you often get sick, cornmeal porridge will help boost immunity. Another reason why it should be consumed for breakfast. Such a breakfast will be perfect for people on a diet.


Oatmeal is given the second place. If you do not like oatmeal, then you just tried a tasteless one. Its taste depends on our imagination. For example, you can cook oatmeal on milk and add dried fruits and nuts, you can cut fresh fruits and pour honey, and sprinkle with cinnamon and add a small piece of butter. Oatmeal is an excellent breakfast that helps to activate memory and mental abilities. Another reason to eat oatmeal for breakfast is to improve your mood. This meal really struggles with bad mood and depression.

Rice porridge

Rice porridge is the leader in the content of complex carbohydrates and that is why it can give you a lot of energy in the morning. In addition, such a breakfast removes toxins from the body. It is better to give preference to brown rice, since it retains all its original useful qualities.

Let every morning be different! Start it with a useful and delicious breakfast! Be vigorous and don’t have problems with health.

Be healthy and bon appetit!