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In the modern world, it is fashionable to follow healthy way of life. What are the principles of proper nutrition?

There is an erroneous opinion: if you want to lose weight, you need to give up eating or sit on strict diets. It is possible to have a slim body with the help of proper nutrition. It implies that the diet should be balanced and include all the nutrients that are necessary for the body.

There are 3 important rules for proper nutrition:

1. You need to know what you eat. It is the first and the most important principle of healthy eating. Food in your fridge is undeniably delicious, but not always useful. Encourage yourself to read the packaging and labels, pay attention to the E-components in the products and calorie content.

2. You need to pay attention to the amount of your food intake. It is difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle, if you like eating like a horse. Even if you eat lean chicken, pay attention to the size of your portion. Boiled rice, rye bread, vegetables, fruits - all these foods can be eaten in unlimited quantities, and then it is difficult to call it healthy nutrition.

3. It is important to remember the time of eating. Sometimes it is usual when we don’t have time for breakfast because we overslept and need to hurry up not to be late for work. In the afternoon we don’t have time for lunch too, so we are looking forward to dinner in order to eat all 1200 day calories in one time. In this case, the food will not be healthy.

Principles of proper nutrition

1. Proper nutrition differs from dietary nutrition in that the food in the daily diet should be varied, so that the body is provided with all the necessary nutrients. You cannot limit your body by "banning" to eat, for example, a banana, because it is high in calories. In addition to this property, a banana is also useful - remember it. The principle of proper nutrition is a diverse diet. But it's better to stop eating harmful food: sausages, chocolate bars, chips, etc. These products do not bring any benefit to our body, they only deteriorate the figure and make liver and other organs suffer.

2. 5 meals a day - the optimal amount for not being hungry.

3. It is a good idea to eat fruits and vegetables every day.

4. If you are used to drink a glass of red or white wine during your dinner, do not deny yourself this habit. But proper nutrition requires to reduce the amount of it. It is believed that a useful dose of alcohol - 150 ml of wine and if it is a strong drink - 70 g.

5. Principles of proper nutrition mean a restriction in salt. Daily rate - 6 g. If you are accustomed to abundantly salt food, it will be difficult for you, the food will be tasteless for you. But in 2-3 weeks you will get used. In addition, salt can be replaced with lemon juice.

6. Proper nutrition means that the frying is replaced by cooking, or baking in the oven or grilling.

7. Do not cook at the weekend for the whole week ahead. It is better to spend a little more time each day to prepare, eat fresh and healthy food than the one that "languishes in the fridge." In addition, reheating meals with proper nutrition is not recommended.

8. The principle of proper nutrition implies the use of water - at least 2 liters per day (tea, coffee, juice, etc. are not included)

These simple rules and principles of proper nutrition will help you feel much better and healthier in a month. The body will get rid of harmful products, and your well-being will improve noticeably.

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