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Do you think that meditation is something that is accessible only to enlightened people? In fact, everyone can learn to meditate properly, and the use of meditation is incredibly great for the physical and psychological health.

Each of us, in one way or another, have meditated once in life. Just remind yourself those moments when you could not sleep and concentrated on something pleasant to relax and drift off. But meditation is not a dream, it is the relaxation of the body and the brain in a state of wakefulness.

These tips will help you learn to meditate properly to feel calmer, more confident, happier and healthier.

Choose time for meditation. It is very important. You should be sure that no one will disturb you or pull you out of the immersion state. Focus on your biological rhythm. An early bird prefers to meditate in the first half of the day and night owl prefers the second.

Choose a place for meditation. It is very important too. It is advisable to be alone and in a cozy room. Perhaps, you will need music or mantra. This place should be comfortable and nothing should be distracting.

Take the right position. At first it can be difficult to keep a confident posture for beginners. Just try to relax but keep your back straight It will become gradually easier for you to hold this position.

Concentrate on breathing. This does not mean that you need to imagine how oxygen enters the lungs and what kind of chemical processes occur there, but imagine your sensations in the body. It will be difficult to get rid of thoughts because the brain is used to think constantly. Getting rid of thoughts is not the goal of meditation, as many think. Your task is to watch your breathing and concentrate on the mantra or prayer. You will need time to learn to do everything right.

If you want, use visualization techniques. Imagine breathing in the form of bright images, phenomena of nature. You can put yourself in an imaginary situation, where you will feel peace and pacification.

Do not eat too much before and after meditation. Don't do it before bedtime. Try not to fall asleep during meditation. If you have some questions, find an experienced meditation instructor and ask him everything you need. And remember: not everything will be perfect at first times, but meditation techniques are avail