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Over the past few years, the problem of consumption of natural water has become one of the mantras of a healthy lifestyle. And what is surprising? The human body can’t exist without sufficient water. It is water that provides the cells of the body with nutrients and oxygen, water is responsible for thermoregulation and the process of cleansing the body. But how to drink water the right way?

Specialists and scientists around the world are arguing about the effect of drinking water on the human body. Therefore, today the information of water consumption has a lot of myths, contradictory facts and some statements that are completely erroneous. So, in order to be health and drink water properly, it is worth exploring the most popular myths about it.

How to drink water: ten myths

MYTH №1. It is necessary to minimize water consumption on order to reduce body fat percentage and lose weight.

This statement is completely wrong, everything is exactly the opposite. Dehydration make body produce more cholesterol to prevent water loss in the cells. Thus, the amount of fat deposits increases, and the body weight increases. That is why you need to drink pure natural water to lose weight and reduce the number of fat cells in the body.

MYTH №2. You need to minimize water consumption to prevent kidney disease.

The studies indicate that the excess of drinking water is not a problem for a healthy genitourinary system. Because of dehydration, toxic substances accumulate and create a favorable environment for the multiplication of various bacteria. As a result, bacteria can chafe the mucous membrane of the genitourinary system, causing inflammation. That's why for kidney health it is necessary to drink enough pure natural water.

MYTH №3. The body receives water from vegetables, fruits and other foods or drinks, so the consumption of clean water is not compulsory.

It's a big mistake. Vegetables, fruits, tea, coffee or sweet drinks can not quench your thirst and provide the body with sufficient water. The problem is that all these things are just food for our body that needs to have already prepared water for digestion. At best, vegetables, fruits or drinks will be able to give as much water as it was spent on their digestion. Therefore, daily consumption of natural water is important for the human body. And if you want to calculate the daily rate of water consumption, you need to consider only clean water, and know that all useful and harmful beverages, vegetables, fruits, etc. are related to food.

MYTH №4. Do not drink water while doing sports

The statement is absolutely wrong, it's the other way around: you can not go in for sport without water. Our muscles contain 75-80% water. It gives elasticity to the muscles, provides them with oxygen and nutrients. Dehydration can lead to injuries because of bad elasticity. Also, water in the body performs a thermoregulatory function, which is extremely important during sport. Therefore, water should be drunk before, during and after exercises.

MYTH №5. Bottles for bottled water are not recyclable

PET bottles are 100% recyclable, including a bottle cap and a label. The authorities must organize the possibility of collecting used bottles. For example, in Japan there are machines that exchange bottles for tokens in the subway.

MYTH № 6. Boiled water is useful, because bacteria perish in it and harmful components are destroyed

Boiling water is not capable of killing all pathogenic bacteria, as some microorganisms will remain viable. In addition, heavy metals and residues of petroleum products do not evaporate. If you want to get clean water, it will not be enough just to boil it, and the fact is that the elements in chlorinated tap water become more harmful from boiling, as organochlorine compounds begin to form.

MYTH №7. All bottled water is the same

Water in both nature and in the bottle can vary greatly from one another. In the world it is customary to distinguish bottled water according to its origin: natural water is pure water, the composition of which does not require special intervention; treated water - water, which went through certain stages of processing, changing its original composition. Natural water, in turn, is classified by anionic composition : hydrocarbonate, chloric, sulfate and sodium. Natural water around the world is valued more than treated water.

MYTH № 8. Sport drinks with vitamins are more useful than water

This statement is completely incorrect, because they are different drinks with different purposes. Special sport drinks have specific additives that are recommended for consumption for a certain time. Daily consumption can harm the body. Only pure water can be recommended for daily use throughout life (it's defined by the World Health Organization).

MYTH №9. You should drink water only when you are thirsty

This is a myth that has firmly entered our life. Thirst is a sign of dehydration at a level of 1-2% loss of moisture. It can be accompanied by dizziness and mild ailment. To restore the body's water balance, it is necessary to drink water for some time in small portions. To prevent dehydration, you should drink natural water every day in an amount of 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight.

MYTH №10. Water is only needed to quench thirst

70% of the human body is water. It provides thermoregulation, fills the cells of the body with oxygen and it is the basis of all metabolic processes. Lack of water can lead to poor health and well-being. Therefore, to prevent dehydration, you should drink natural water daily in an amount of 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight.

From all of the above, it follows that water is the basis of our body's vital activity. A person can live without food for many weeks and months, but without water cannot survive for three days. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the body's water balance on a daily basis and carefully analyze the information of the consumption of natural water. Don’t be influenced by unreasonable, and often even dangerous, myths.

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