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Breathing is an important part of any workout. Read in our article - breathing exercises: how to do them correctly.

We use less than half of the lung capacity in our life, our breath is shallow and rapid. This wrong approach disrupts the functioning of the body and provokes the emergence of many diseases - from insomnia to atherosclerosis. The more we inhale air, the less oxygen gets the body. Without holding our breath, carbon dioxide can’t be collected in the blood and cells of tissues. And this important element supports metabolic processes, participates in the synthesis of amino acids, calms the nervous system, dilates the vessels, excites the respiratory center and makes it work in the optimal regime.

Why is the wrong breathing dangerous?

Accelerated shallow breathing promotes the development of hypertension, asthma, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases and other health problems. In an effort to fill the excess loss of carbon dioxide, the body activates a protective system.

How to normalize the respiratory process?

Enrichment of the blood with carbon dioxide is promoted by fasting, water procedures, hardening, sports loads and special breathing practices. It is also important to avoid stress, overeating, medication, alcohol, smoking and overheating, so, you should lead a healthy lifestyle.

What is the advantage of respiratory gymnastics?

Prevention of bronchial diseases, massage of internal organs, improvement of intestinal motility and strengthening of abdominal muscles, concentration of attention and increase of intellectual activity, reduction of fatigue, struggle with stress and insomnia, influx of energy, vigor and excellent health.

General rules of doing breathing exercises

Start with the lightest, gradually increasing load. Do not get distracted during procedure. Concentration is important for achieving maximum effect. Breathe slowly. Slow breathing promotes saturation of the body with oxygen. Do exercises with pleasure. If you notice some unpleasant symptoms, stop exercising. Ask an expert about reducing the load or increasing the pause between approaches. The only permissible discomfort is light dizziness.

Types of respiratory gymnastics

The practice of yogis. Many centuries ago, the connection between breathing and emotional, physical and intellectual development of a person was found. Thanks to special exercises, chakras and channels of perception are opened.

Breathing exercises have a beneficial effect on your body, you can find balance and harmony. During the exercises you need to breathe only through the nose. Sit in a comfortable posture with a straight back. Close your eyes and focus.

The principle of breathing is the breathing through the nose every second during exercises. It is necessary to inhale actively and tensely and only through the nose (at the same time the mouth must be closed). Exhalation is invisible, it arises by itself. Be healthy.

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