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Stephen Hawks identifies 10 principles of intuitive eating, which can change your attitude to food.

Intuitive eating is a method of choosing food at your own discretion without restrictions and diets. The founder of the method, Stephen Hawkes, says that we cannot choose the wrong products for ourselves. So, what is intuitive eating? Let's deal with this.

The essence of intuitive eating is that we have learn to listen and trust our body. The founder of the method emphasizes a healthy attitude towards food, understanding ourselves and our desires. When you do it, you can control your appetite, choose the right foods and their combinations, you can even control the size of the portion. Stephen Hawks identifies 10 principles of intuitive eating, which can change your attitude to food.

Principles of intuitive eating

1. No diets. You should understand the uselessness of all diets and their incompatibility with your body. Diets make us use some boundaries, but we do not need them.

2. Learn to control your hunger. The ability to control the hunger means that you must understand when physiological hunger is present. The desire to eat a chocolate bar is removed. We eat when we are hungry.

3. Forget about the rigid control. If you want to be slim and healthy, you don’t need to track every piece and calorie you eat. Eat as much as you want, only for this we learn to understand ourselves.

4. Feel when you're full. There is a line, when it is not necessary to continue eating. Find it and don’t overeat.

5. Learn to enjoy. Let the consumption of food cease to be a mechanical process. Eat what you like, and eat with pleasure. You understand what kind of food brings the greatest delight.

6. Food is separate from the feelings. If you have stress, joy or another emotion, do'nt connect it with eating. In such cases, we overeat. Let the consumption of food become for you a separate rite, then you will be able to control your hunger.

7. Respect your body. Your body needs to be accepted and loved. Never criticize yourself.

8. Do sports. It doesn’t require any explanation. Sport is health and longevity. Sport also affects digestion.

9. Watch for health. It's not difficult to understand which products are bad for you, and which products make you feel satisfied and healthy.

10. Listen to your body. Always listen to yourself, especially when it comes to nutrition. You can manage everything and get a good result!

Let these principles help you to reconsider your views on nutrition. Be healthy.

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