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What is the role of compliments in our life?

Compliments are very important in our life. But, unfortunately, the art of making compliments is not taught at schools and universities. As a result, half of the population makes them clumsily and awkwardly, and every second person cannot react properly to compliments. Today we will tell you what role compliments play in your life.

Why are compliments important and necessary?

Any praise is extremely pleasant. It's great when your efforts at work, cooking or cleaning at home, and hobbies among friends are valued. However, a lot of people consider compliments to be only for sweethearts. They think compliments are possible only from those who sincerely love you. However, it does not mean that friends and relatives cannot be praised.

1. Compliments strengthen physical health

Yes, the usual praise acts on your body roughly like a massive dose of vitamins and minerals. The compliment stimulates the release of endorphins - the hormones of joy, which at least makes you smile.

2. More compliments - fewer complexes

Complexes - it is an extremely bad thing, and it is almost impossible to get rid of them. However, sincere praise and a pleasant remark about your success or appearance will help to cope with the uncertainty.

3. An excellent communication practice

It often happens that communication does not work as we want. You seem to be polite, but a certain coldness follows you. It is enough to make a compliment to your interlocutor and person become more open and benevolent.

How to give compliments?

The skill of giving compliments is a real art! There are several rules that will help you not to go too far, praising someone. We have chosen three main tips, which will prompt you how to make compliments.

1. Don’t flatter

The worst thing that can happen is obvious flattery. Such a situation will definitely make person estrange from you and will not help to establish contact.

2. Don’t compare

Deep hatred of comparison goes back to those times when our moms or dads set as an example of a slightly more successful son / daughter of a friend or relative. Regardless of what you are going to praise, comparing a person with someone is a bad idea.

3. Be sincere

Speak from the heart. Smile. Do not try to please, but express honestly your feelings and emotions. This is the best compliment.