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Tibetan healers know how to get rid of stresses and chronic diseases with the help of proper nutrition.

The experience of eastern medicine suggests that most people who have health problems do not need special treatment. It is enough to change your lifestyle and nutrition. In Tibetan medicine, proper nutrition is one of the main principles of treating chronic diseases.

Basic rules of the Tibetan food system

1. Focus on the time of year

In winter, according to Tibetan healers, you need to eat a lot, in summer - the norm needs to be significantly curtailed, and in the spring-autumn period you need to find a happy medium. In addition, in winter and in rainy weather it is a good idea to give preference to warming food, in summer and in warm days – to neutral or cooling food. In spring it is desirable to eat dry and rough food.

2. All in moderation

According to the Tibetan medicine, it is harmful not only to overeat, but also to be undernourished, it is best to eat in moderation. If the food is light- it can be eaten to your fill, if you have a heavy meal, you should eat only a half. After you have eaten, half of your stomach should be filled with food, a quarter - with liquid, and another quarter - should be empty. In addition, don’t eat until the previous meal is not digested.

3. Do not combine incompatible

You cannot combine incompatible products. For example, fish and meat, pork and buckwheat porridge, milk and fruit. Chicken eggs and fish, brown sugar and lentils, eggs with any dairy products, fish and milk - all these "duets" form a poison.

4. Comply the drinking regime

You need to drink a lot. But you cannot drink twice as much as you eat. Cold drinks can not be washed down with food, in which animal fats are added.

5. Eat only fresh food

It is important not to eat spoiled and unripe vegetables and fruits, as well as burnt and undercooked food. Do not eat food that is kept in the fridge for a long time. It is advisable to cook only for one meal.

6. Do not ignore the rule of "four hours"

Between meals should be at least four hours. During this time, food has time to digest. If you want to have a snack during these four hours, you can satisfy hunger with any liquid (calorie and nutritional values do not matter). The main thing - do not eat solid food.

7. Eat food according to the time of day

For breakfast, it is useful to eat cereals, coarse bread, for lunch - a meat dish, and for dinner - salads or yoghurts.

8. No vegetarianism

Meat in Tibetan medicine is an important part of the diet. It contains protein, which is very important for the body. Refusal of meat is not welcome.

It is said that the Tibetan food system prolongs youth and life, improves well-being and strengthens the body. Perhaps the Tibetan sages should be listened.

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