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Can never have too much cocoa

There is nothing better than a cup of hot cocoa in a cold morning. It is surprising but it is not only very tasty, but also very useful. Today we will tell you how useful to our health cocoa is, and why this drink should necessarily be in the menu of every woman.

If we talk about health benefits of cocoa, the first thing that comes to mind, is its antidepressant properties. Everyone knows that a cup of hot cocoa is able to overcome any despondency and bad mood. And it happens because cocoa powder contains a special substance phenethylamine, which helps to deal with depression.

Cocoa has an invigorating effect. Thanks to the substance theobromine cocoa powder activates the work of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, but at the same time this drink doesn’t have any influence on the nervous system. That is why cocoa is allowed to those people who are contraindicated in coffee or strong tea.

Cocoa also can prevent you from hypertension. It contains a large amount of protein and fats, which help regulate the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Cocoa provide our body with useful substances. In the composition of cocoa powder is zinc; cocoa is rich in fiber and various vitamins.

Cocoa can be a kind of sunscreen for you. Because of its high content of natural melanin, this drink helps to neutralize the influence of ultraviolet radiation on our body, so, it prevents us from cancer. That is why if you are planning a vacation in hot countries, do not forget to take cocoa powder with you.

Cocoa is a strong antioxidant. This powder contains a large number of flavonoids that fight free radicals.

Why is cocoa useful for people on a diet? And the fact is that this drink helps to shed unwanted pounds, speeding up the metabolism of our body. So do not be afraid of drinking this delicious drink even on a diet. The use of cocoa powder considerably exceeds its caloric value. The main thing is not to overdo.

There are different variations of cocoa recipes according to the taste preferences of a person, but the traditional recipe is always unchanged - with milk.

Traditional cocoa recipe

To prepare cocoa you will need:

Cocoa powder - 2 tablespoons;

Milk - 1 glass;

Sugar – according to your taste.

Useful properties of cocoa powder cannot be overemphasized. This drink is full of useful substances, which are necessary for our body.

So do not deny yourself the pleasure of drinking a glass of hot cocoa, which will not only cheer you up and help you to wake up, but also provide you with vitamins, minerals and destroy all free radicals. Bon appetite and be healthy!

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