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How to freshen up our face and body after holidays

Stressful pre-holiday turmoil, a busy New Year's Eve, a lot of tasty, but not always useful food, reluctance to leave the bed before dinner and, as a result, an unregulated sleep. After such adventures it's hard to feel 100%. So how do you freshen up your face and your body after holidays? We will tell some secrets in this article.

1. Detox (at least partial)

Nutrition and exercises are as important to the face and body as the numerous creams and serums. Only strong people can start eating properly and playing sports as usual on January 1. If you cannot refrain from grandmother's pies at family dinners and refuse from a glass of wine at evening meetings with friends, you should try to return to useful habits gradually. Enjoy vegetable dishes, know the limits, drink a lot of water, walk and move more.

2. Facial treatment

An unregulated sleep, your night make-up that you forgot to remove, an abundance of junk food and alcohol can lead to the acne on your skin and dark circles under your eyes. The intensive exfoliation and the renewal of skin cells will save the situation (by the way, the older we become, the more time this process takes: after 25 years, our skin definitely needs to be regenerated with peelings, scrubs and salon procedures). The most universal ingredient for deep cleansing of our face is clay. It absorbs toxins, eliminates inflammation and redness (clay masks can be used even on a sensitive skin). Masks can be done 2-3 times a week. Also you can use a cleanser for your face, which includes clay and antioxidants.

Small facial swelling in winter

What can really help you is facial massage: massage your face with circular motions using your fingertips, along the massage lines from the ends of the eyebrows to the center, then from the outer corners of the eyes to the nose, from the corners of the lips to the ears. Before the procedure you should apply a cream or oil on your face not to stretch the skin in the process.

3. Body care

The massage with a dry brush and hot baths can help accelerate the metabolism and the process of removing toxins from the body. This procedure can be done every 3-4 days, but pay attention to the reaction of your skin - if you had not done it before or your skin is sensitive, give preference to brushes with soft bristles and make sure that your movements are very delicate. Also it is very important to apply oil or a nourishing cream after the bath or shower, to avoid peeling and dryness.

Hot baths will also help to speed up the metabolism - you can (and you need to!) add salt or oils. A few important rules:

  1. do not take a bath after eating

  2. do not immerse yourself completely in the water (leave the chest area above the water to avoid stress on the heart)

  3. do not lie in a bath for too long (more than 25 minutes)

  4. drink 2-3 glasses of ordinary water before the procedure to adjust the body to an active detox

  5. at first try to take a light shower to wash off fatigue and dirt from the skin

  6. in the end of the procedure, do not flush the oil and salt water from the body, just pat the skin with a towel

  7. after the bath move slowly to a horizontal position to avoid dizziness, lie down for 20-25 minutes and finish the procedure with herbal tea or warm water with lemon

  8. apply a body cream and go to sleep – in the morning you will get a grateful body and positive mood.

And the most important advice for you is a good rest. Try to relax, laugh a lot and have a good time these holidays. Our skin and eyes shine brightly when we just enjoy the life! Happy New Year!