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Setting goals for 2018: What is the balanced wheel of life?

Sometimes in life there are difficulties, and you do not understand where is the root of the problem and how to address the issues. The wheel of balance can help you to handle everything. It provides an opportunity to understand what aspects make up your life, what is really important and what is secondary. It will also give you answers to many questions and instructions for actions.

The wheel of balance: looking for inner harmony

Your life consists of several areas: work, family, health, sport, self-development, etc. This list can be continued according to individual characteristics. Each person, as a rule, chooses for himself one important mission in life, for example, work. You want to have career development, high incomes and recognition, but in this case your personal and family life suffer. You can’t cope with everything at once because it's very difficult, but it is possible to learn how to control your allocation in time. However sometimes it works both ways, when a woman is successful in the family and collapses in a career.

If you are equally well realized in all life spheres you will live in harmony with yourself. The wheel of balance is able to show where you need to be more enthusiastic and where you should draw rein.

How to make the wheel of balance?

Draw the usual circle and divide it into sectors (traditionally it is work, family, health, sport, self-development, rest, creativity, travel, etc.). You can add something or cut it out of your list, it all depends on your lifestyle. Divide these sectors into equal parts from 1 to 10 in order to get a kind of scale. And now honestly assess how each sphere is involved in your life. For example, if you have a family in the first place, then choose 10 out of 10, career - 5 out of 10.

Mark it on the scale, and then connect all the points of life realization.

Look carefully, which sectors need your attention to make wheel normally "go round." If you are suffering from health due to the sector of work, it is worth seriously thinking about whether you need money when you are ill.

Why do you need the wheel of balance?

Such a scheme of your life can help you start solving problems. If you really do not like something in your life, start right away. Write out the spheres that are most affected, on the contrary - ways of solving. We advise you to write all understandable and achievable ways and specify the date when you begin to implement the plan.

You can do the wheel of life balance in the form of social roles. For example: mother, woman, wife, leader, mistress, etc.

According to the wheel of life balance you can look at things from a different angle and find out what you need and what is in abundance. Draw the wheel of balance on a sheet of paper and decide what you need from your life to be happy.

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