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Respiratory gymnastics against fatigue and stress

When we are nervous, our breathing becomes confused, difficult, and a lump rolls up to the throat. To restore the balance of emotions - you need, first of all, to breath calmly. Breathing exercises help not only to restore concentration, but also to relieve tension and fatigue in the body.

It will take you only 10-15 minutes to complete this simple set of exercises - but the work capacity will be restored, and stress will disappear. Breathing exercises will help you to calm down and get rid of fatigue wherever and whenever you like.

Breathing exercises for appeasement

Breathe in your belly. When you inhale, the stomach should gently press down on the hips and lift them. When you exhale, the hips will go down. Do not strain your legs. Let all the movements be smooth and natural.

Breathing exercises after a hard day's work

Sit straight in the chair. Close your eyes and focus on the backbone. Imagine that you are in a pool with a very warm substance, similar to volcanic lava. Inhale and exhale rhythmically, breathe in the belly and diaphragm. When you inhale, the lava rises higher, when exhale, it goes down. Imagine how heat spreads around the body, around the abdomen, then rises along the stomach, along the lungs, to the throat, to the face, between the eyebrows, to the head and finally forms something like the "crown" above your head - and then back down. Repeat the exercise in several cycles.

Respiratory gymnastics during severe stress

If the stress pulsates in the temples and intercepts the breath, use this respiratory technique. First, the breathing technique prescribes a "one-two-three-four" breath, for a "five-six-seven-eight" exhalation, for "nine-ten" - a pause.

After five such breaths, you need to start breathing in four counts and smoothly exhale in six counts, and a pause in one or two counts.

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