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New Year Wish list: why is it so important

New Year gives us the opportunity to believe in a miracle and make the most secret wish at midnight. Why is it so important to make a wish list for the New Year, read today in our article.

How to note your wishes correctly

1. Avoid the particles "not"

It's all about psychology - this most seditious "not" only increases the desire to break a promise to oneself. So give up the formulations like "I want not to eat sweet!", replacing it with "I want to eat more vegetables and fruits."

2. Formulate clearly

To dream, of course, is useful, but remember that to achieve every dream you will have to make quite concrete steps. So do not be lazy to break one big desire "I want to be beautiful" into smaller ones: "I want to lose weight, find time to go to the gym, cut my hair and change its color." The clearer you see the goal, the easier it is for you to achieve it.

3. Think positively

Let’s recollect the first point - instead of banning to yourself everything in the world, allow and think in a positive way. For example: "I want to buy an e-book and read the best works of my favorite author." This will help you smile more and achieve your goals with joy.

Why it is important to make a wish list

In fact, it may not even be a list, but something else. Diary or weekly planner, wish card or special New Year's box. But the meaning remains the same - your dreams should be prescribed and clearly indicate what exactly you want to achieve.

In addition, during the compilation of this list itself you will be able to weed out unnecessary or unrealizable. Think - do you really need a new phone of the latest model or expensive earrings? Perhaps such aspirations should be abandoned in favor of something interesting and necessary, like a new trip or a ticket to a long-awaited concert.

Most importantly - remember that dreams can come true. Do not be afraid to make lists of desires for the New Year and do it. We hope that our advice will help you write an ideal wish list for the New Year and successfully turn it into a happy reality.