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Morning yoga which helps you to wake up

Morning yoga really helps to wake up, and there are some simple exercises. Here are several advice how to perform asanas properly.

Morning yoga consists of 5 exercises, which are recommended to perform every day.


This exercise will help you to wake up quickly in the morning, and it also raises the whole body tone and improves your posture.

Initial position: you need to stand straight, put your feet together, strain your knees, and lower your arms down the sides of the body.

You have to stay 30-40 seconds in this position.


This exercise can give you energy for the whole day; improve the abdominal cavity and heart processes.

Initial position: firstly, stand in Tadasana position, and then bend your knees. It is important for the coccyx to be pointed down, and the pubic - up. Now you should stretch your arms above head parallel to each other and lower yourself down even more. Your back should be straight vertically. You need to stay 5-30 seconds in this position, but you should increase the time to 1-2 minutes every day.


This exercise will help to wake up quickly, relieve the back pain, arthritis and improve the pituitary gland state.

Initial position: lie on your back (it’s desirable to use a rug). Now you need to exhale and pull your knees to your chest, then roll over your feet behind your head. But don’t make quick and sudden movements! Weight of your body should be located on your bladebones, and legs should be straight and stretched. In this position, you need to breathe smoothly. You can start from 30 seconds and gradually increase the time to 4-5 minutes.

Salamba Sarvangasana

This exercise has a beneficial effect on brain, thyroid and heart.

Initial position: take a blanket, roll it several times and lie on it so that your bladebones were on the edge, and your head on the floor. You should perform previous exercise, and then move your hands behind your back, lean on the floor with elbows and raise your legs up. The trunk should stay vertically. You need to stay for 30 seconds in this position.


Morning yoga ends with an exercise that will help you stay tuned for a productive day, relieve stress and clear your mind.

Initial position: you need to lie on the rug, put a blanket under your head and relax the whole body. It is important to breathe smoothly and think about pleasant things. 2-3 minutes of this relaxation will help start a new day in a good mood.

After morning yoga, it is recommended to have tasty and healthy breakfast. For example, porridge cooked on milk with fruits, a whole-grain bread sandwich with a slice of avocado and a piece of salted salmon. Do morning yoga, and stay healthy!

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