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How to plan a day: learning your biorhythms

Focusing on your biorhythm, you can get maximum results in work and better personal relationships, as well as "make friends" with your own organism.

Approximate "daily routine" of our body: learn your biorhythm.

Have you thought about the fact that your body have a straight schedule? Its internal clock is made up clearly and it shouldn’t have any errors. If you focus on biorhythm of the body, adjusting the rhythm of your life to it, you can improve your health, appearance and mood. So here is a "daily routine" of the organism, which is discovered by scientists.

Biological body clock:

05:00 - the first general wake up activity. Your body prepares for a gradual awakening and begins the work of all organs.

06:00 - at 6 o'clock in the morning increases the adrenaline rush. "Morning larks" and those who suffer from anxiety are waking up.

07:00 – begins the period of the stomach greatest activity. The effect of using lotions and face masks will be maximally positive at this time.

09:00 – activity slightly slows down, you get loss of attention.

10:00 - time best for performing mental and physical work. In next two hours, all organs are involved in active work.

12:00 - time of reboot and some fatigue. It would be nice to distract from work by drinking a cup of tea at this time.

13:00 - body produces the greatest quantity of gastric juice and it needs food rich in protein.

14:00 - time of the highest work ability, when physical activity and mental activity are the best. At this time, processes of digestion and purification of the whole organism are actively proceeding.

15:00 - the greatest activity of the bladder.

16:00 - a new rising of physical activity, but lowering of mental activity. It's high time to go for a walk.

17:00 - the most active period of kidneys working process.

18:00 - the blood pressure rises. A time when nerves are strained and are possible sudden quarrels.

19:00 - physical activity slightly increases. Now it’s the time for working out.

20:00 - the brain actively starts working. If there are unsolved affairs, it is better to deal with them right now.

21:00 - the body begins to rest and slowly fall asleep.

23:00 – it’s the perfect time to go to bed. If you don’t fall asleep at this time, you might want to have a snack (usually appetite rises from 23:00 to 02:00 am).

Do not neglect the needs of your body, listen to it and fulfill its "whims". Otherwise, you may get a prostration, problems with internal organs, apathy and even depression.

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