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Proper nutrition

There is a huge number of different diets and recommendations in nutrition. Many of them really help, but we should remember that every diet is completely individual. Therefore, if some diet has helped someone, it may not certainly help you. Proper nutrition is the right thing to choose. You can not only keep your body fit, but also improve your health and make your life more balanced.

So, in order to eat well, but not to gain weight and always look amazing, you must observe the following rules of healthy eating:

1. Eat fruit and vegetables as often as possible.

But here goes the fact that you need to eat more vegetables than fruit, because fruit contain a large amount of sucrose. Don’t eat a whole bunch of bananas, they are much more sweet than other fruit, while there are no restrictions for pineapples, grapefruits and oranges, they can be eaten in large quantities. Also, do not forget about vegetables. Vegetables are an integral part of a balanced diet. They contain a large amount of minerals, vitamins and fiber, which are necessary for weight loss.

2. It is necessary to drink as much water as possible.

The daily norm of drinking water is 2 liters. Your perfect option is mineral water. It doesn’t contain fat, caffeine and sugar, which are abundant in other beverages. It is also necessary to stop drinking soda, because it contains a lot of sugar. So, water will help improve your digestive system, and of course it will have a beneficial effect on your skin condition.

3. Minimizing the consumption of biscuits, cookies, sweets, cakes and similar products is also very important. Of course, it is impossible to stop eating sweets at all. Because of the absence of glucose in the body, you will have bad mood, and your mental abilities will also decrease. But if refusal of sweet products is a rather difficult task for you, you can eat low-fat cookies, and cakes without creams.

4. For breakfast – porridge is the best decision.

Despite the fact that there are many argues that porridge contributes to getting fat, this is not true. And how can you get fat, if porridge is cooked on water and without the addition of butter? It is best for breakfast to cook oatmeal with some fruit or dried fruit. Porridges help you to fill the body with energy till you next meal.

5. Constant movement.

Especially this relates to those who have sedentary work. But if you don’t like working out, you can go on foot, instead of going by bus. Just take into consideration that you need to walk fast, at least 100 steps in a minute. Also an evening walk will help your stomach to digest food more quickly.

6. During meals, you need to focus on food. While eating, you need to think only about it. You shouldn’t watch TV, read or talk. Otherwise, your brain may not understand that you’re sated, and even if your body already has enough food, it will psychologically feel hungry. As a result, any portion may be small for you, that is why you will get an excess of calories.

7. Say NO to alcohol. Of course, no one forces you to refuse consumption of alcoholic beverages at all. Simply, when there is a reason to drink and there is no desire to refuse, you should remember that beverages, which contain alcohol, contain a huge amount of sugar, which will affect the health of the body in a bad way. Just have a rule: drink no more than one glass of wine at a time. One more important thing to know is the fact that alcoholic beverages, especially vodka, entail a large amount of high-calorie snacks, which will not affect your body the best way.

8. Learn how to reduce your meal. The best way to keep yourself in shape is to eat half the dish you eat now. You can use small plates, where the small amount of food would seem enough. Don’t eat too much. Get up from the table a little hungry. It will be easier for your body to digest food you had eaten.