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How to boost immune system in autumn

In autumn more often than in the summer, there is a general weakness of the body, lethargy, fatigue and frequent colds. This all suggests that our immunity is weakened. Autumn is the time to think about your health, especially when fresh fruit and vegetables are still on the supermarket shelves.

1. The first and most constant rule is to dress according to the weather.

Nothing influences our body so badly our as colds. For some time, it's worth forgetting about beautiful but short skirts and light blouses. If you have a certain dress code at work, you can change in the office.

2. Remember that stress in combination with bad weather can weaken our immunity significantly. To increase it, the rule is simple enough: worry less without reason. Assess the situation, and then take action. If you are nervous, the problem will not be solved.

3. To improve immunity in the fall, you need to play sports or at least start the day with simple activities. The fact is that the simplest physical exercises improve blood circulation, the heart and lungs begin to work better. You can also go for a morning jogging and go to the pool.

4. Drink herbal teas, especially with the addition of dog rose. It is able to preserve vitamin C even in dry form. Also eat lemons and sea buckthorn.

5. It is very important in the autumn period to prepare food so that you can conserve as many vitamins as possible in it. Try not to cook vegetables, make fresh salads and season them with butter and lemon juice instead of salt.

6. Autumn is not the best time for diets. To improve immunity, you need to establish nutrition, not limit it. Also try not to skip meals.

7. To boost immunity, add dairy products to your daily diet. But it's important that they are natural. If the packaging with yogurt has 4-5 months of shelf life, do not buy this product.

8. Walks are very useful for our body, even if there is no sun outside. Do not forget also about frequent ventilation of the house. It is known that microbes are collected where there are many people and there is no access to fresh air.