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The most useful spices for colds

If you get sick - do not immediately run to the pharmacy. If you are a supporter of natural ingredients - spices are your help. They will be in any kitchen, they will not cause addiction and will not have a negative impact on internal organs. Some spices will replace even antibiotics and cough syrups.

1. Ginger

During the SARS it is recommended to drink tea with honey, lemon and ginger. It perfectly removes symptoms, helps cope with a cough and restore immunity. This is a strong antimicrobial seasoning. Ginger is also an anti-inflammatory drug, but it is most useful to use it fresh. An excellent dish for the prevention of viral diseases in the autumn period - soup-puree from pumpkin with ginger.

2. Turmeric

Yellow turmeric contains a high concentration of a powerful curcumin antioxidant. To quickly cure a cough, a teaspoon of turmeric is stirred in a glass of warm milk and drunk several times a day. Powder not only kills bacteria, but also draws mucus, helps to cough up phlegm.

3. Cinnamon

The properties of cinnamon have been known for a long time. It contains not only antioxidants, but also powerful antiseptic substances. Therefore, cinnamon can be treated not only cold, but also dental and headache.

4. Oregano

Since ancient times, oregano has been used to fight infections. Just actively add this spice to the dishes during the illness, or use it in its pure form. Oregano oil is as effective as the antibiotic vancomycin in the treatment of staphylococcal infections. In addition, oregano eliminates fungal infections.

5. Mustard

Black mustard seeds are a powerful antiviral assistant for influenza that stops mucus, removes phlegm, treats the runny nose.

Yellow mustard treats viral infections, restores immunity. Powder of mustard seeds used in footbaths and mustard compresses, put in socks for the night, take a bath with mustard (300 grams of mustard per bathroom, take 5 minutes). Mustard perfectly disperses blood and warms the body. But do not resort to mustard during high temperatures, the heat will be even greater.

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