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How to meditate: 7 tips for beginners

Meditation is good at coping with stress, relieves chronic pain and positively affects sleep. With regular meditation, you can feel more calm, happy, balanced and healthy.

Pose for meditation

If you are in a relaxed position, but at the same time stay in an upright position, this will have an excellent effect on your brain activity. Correct posture is the basis for meditation. Even if you sit on a table or on the floor, you should keep your spine and neck straight. If you are slouching, this can be the cause of stagnation of your thoughts.

To begin meditation, you need to put your hands on your knees with your hands up, with your right hand on your left. Attention should be paid to the position of the tongue. It is important that the tip of the tongue rests against the larynx behind the teeth. It soothes thoughts. In this case, the eyes should be slightly ajar or completely closed.

Object of meditation

Most of the time we spend in a sleep. And meditation will help you feel a surge of strength and energy and escape from negative thoughts. It happens that during meditation, some people can fall asleep. Therefore, during the meditation itself, it is important to adhere to the proper breathing technique. Keep your breath and watch for breaths and exhalations.

Powerful emotions

During meditation you can experience strong emotions. But, for example, you can make anger the object of your attention. On exhalation you can say this word aloud. This will help keep your attention. So you will not put pressure on yourself in anger, but just let it be.


During meditation, you can not talk and listen to music loudly. It is important to seek harmony in yourself without external interference.

Length and frequency of meditations

The first sessions of meditation can last 10-15 minutes. But you need to do this as often as possible. After 40 minutes of meditation, your thoughts will return to normal. Do meditation at least twice a day from 45 minutes to an hour.

Place and time

A place for meditation can be any. It does not have to be at home. You can practice meditation in the park or while waiting for transportation.

Be reasonable and calm

To start meditation, you need to calm down and concentrate. Do not think about work or family problems. Now is the time for yourself.

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