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How to become more self-confident: TOP-7 habits

To be self-confident, does not necessarily to become the most intelligent and beautiful person.

It is enough just to get rid of those problems that cause embarrassment, and of course, look at your best.

Habits that give you confidence

1. Keep your back straight. If you sit straight, it will give you a short-term flow of confidence. By doing this, you will feel more confident when you speak. Researchers assure that a good posture makes the body produce hormones responsible for a sense of self-confidence.

2. Listen to the cheerful music Cheerful life-affirming compositions will help you feel more collected, cheerful and determined.

3. Carefully select the outfit, giving preference to comfort If you find your style and are confident in it - you will be on top. Only comfortable things from natural materials will provide full confidence.

4. Go to the gym There you can cheer up and support the body. A woman with excess weight and a sagging belly is rarely confident enough.

5. Speak slowly For those who want to look and feel more confident, psychologists recommend to develop a habit of speaking slowly: so it will be easier for you to control speech. Listen to what politicians and big officials say is the speech of self-confident people. Restless, confused speech is one of the first signs of insecurity, anxiety, impulsiveness, inability to make decisions.

6. Do not talk bad about yourself Even the closest people, talking about their failures, do not need to complain. You should not even use phrases like: "What kind of a loser!", or "Why do all people are like people, and I ...". So you program yourself for uncertainty. In addition, learn to accept compliments. When somebody tells you have a beautiful dress, you do not need to immediately declare that you bought it on sale. It's enough just to thank.

7. Do not be afraid of failure Nothing helps to become more self-confident, like actions, especially when it involves the risk of failure. The difference between a confident and insecure person is simply that a confident person acts in accordance with his ambitions and desires and does not give the fear of hitting him to stop.

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