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TOP 5 rules for the autumn daily routine

In the autumn, we have to make more effort to make the days pass in a good mood. We will tell you how to make an autumnal schedule in order to have enough strength for work, family and meeting with friends.

1. Eat more products with magnesium

If the body lacks magnesium, we start to feel fatigue, breakdown, even if we have enough sleep , it is difficult for us to find energy for work. The first thing to start with is proper nutrition. More fruits, vegetables, less alcohol and harmful products. It is also necessary to include foods that contain magnesium: bananas, broccoli, beef, milk, herring, chicken, fresh corn, spinach, white beans, nuts, cocoa, rye bread from whole-grains into the daily diet. The daily requirement of an adult is 350-400 mg.

2. Surround yourself with colorful things

When the streets are gray and the weather is gloomy, it is very important to surround yourself with colorful things. Use colored utensils, lay only colored tablecloths on the table, and colorful towels in the shower. Let the workplace always has a small bouquet of flowers.

3. Dress according to the weather

During cold weather it is very important to dress according to the weather. If it's raining outside, wear rubber boots, and take your beautiful shoes with you, like change shoes.

4. Stop looking for reasons to abandon positive emotions

In 90% of cases in the fall we cancel meetings with friends, classes in the gym, etc. because of weather. If you avoid the thought that it's raining outside, what other objective reasons to give up positive emotions? Always ask yourself this question if you have a dilemma: go for a cup of coffee with a friend or spend an evening under a dark blanket. In the autumnal routine of the day, there must necessarily be time for something new, something that can charge you with positive energy.

5. Go to bed before 23.00

Of course, it's much easier to wake up in summer, because the rays of the sun help us. In autumn, it's difficult to open your eyes when the room is full of darkness. In the autumnal routine, sleep should occupy one of the main places. If we do not get enough sleep, the day can be deleted from life, because we do not have the mood to work, we do not want anything, we are overcome by a bad mood, and in our minds only one thing is to come home and go to bed faster.

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