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How to cheer up in the morning, if you didn't have enough sleep: 4 effective ways

Few people manage to wake up in the morning full of energy, especially if they slept less than 8 hours. Everyone has his or her own ways to cheer up in the morning. We prepared a few proven methods.

Not everyone is lucky to sleep 8-9 hours a day. Therefore, a lack of sleep and a depressed state in the morning is a phenomenon that has become normal.

Method 1. A short sleep after a morning coffee

One of the most frequently found tips on the Internet of how to cheer up in the morning - to drink a cup of strong coffee and return to sleep. Of course, nobody wants to sleep all day, so it's better to put an alarm clock: 15-20 minutes is enough for the caffeine to start acting. When you wake up, you will feel a surge of energy from caffeine and you will be cheerful all morning.

Method 2. Eat less before bed

If you overeat before going to bed, the body will not be able to rest, because it will process and assimilate the food all night long. If you want to stay vigorous all day - reduce the volume and calorie content of food before bed, but you can drink more water.

Method 3. Bright light

Darkness is not the best way to cheer up. The body is so arranged that it needs to sleep when it's dark. Therefore, if you want to wake up quickly, turn on a bright light or open the curtains so that the morning rays of the sun fill your room. In the dark, melatonin is produced, the hormone responsible for the sleep phases, so in a dark room you definitely do not feel a surge of energy.

Method 4. Massage of acupuncture points

There are special massage techniques for awakening. To cheer up in the morning, you need to act according to this pattern:

  • Actively mop up your ears;

  • Actively massage your nose;

  • Gently, but actively pound the areas of the temples from both sides simultaneously;

  • Rub your palms until you feel the heat;

  • Actively massage the feet;

  • For a couple of minutes, press down on the point located on the top of your head.