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Forget about depression: where to draw vitality

It is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel, when everything is foggy. The absence of a solar light has a bad effect on our emotional state, which is why in autumn there is only one desire to wrap yourself in a blanket, make a cup of tea and keep warm, keep warm, keep warm...

In the cold weather, we do not want to start something new, and meetings with friends become very rare. However, it is important to remember that if we let ourselves get discouraged, we will look for a way out of it, because until the spring comes there are 2 months of autumn and the whole winter.

1. Hobby

Do you have a favorite thing to do? And how often do you find time for it? If you want to get rid of the autumn depression, establish a new rule - once or twice a week to find an hour or three for yourself to finally ride a horse, go to the pool, sit down alone and begin to embroider a new picture, etc.

When we are engaged in a favorite business, the hormone of happiness overflows us; we do not even notice that it has been raining outside the window for 3 hours.

2. New love

Agree, when we are in love, we have only one season in our soul - summer! We do not care that there's a fog in the street, that there is no coffee at home, that we did not have time to buy fresh bread rolls for breakfast. The most effective pill from autumn depression is love. If you are alone, try to go out to communicate with people more often, get acquainted and do not give up offers of friends to have fun on Tuesday evening. Family couples need to create new feelings for themselves, even if they have been together for 5-20 years. It's enough to find 1 day a week and dedicate it to each other. It's good to remember what kind of holidays you had when you just started dating and start celebrating again. For example, the day you met, went together for the first time, bought a dog or got a cat.

3. Pet

Pets are able to cheer us up even on the rainy day. With them, loneliness and autumn depression are easier to tolerate. What to do? Decide to get a new family member! The fact is, that caring for pets distracts, they make us kinder and bring joy. It's unlikely that you will pass by a kitten, which is wet in the rain for the second day. If you cannot take it, just look whether something you have in your bag is edible to share with it.

In addition, pets are the most loyal friends, they are with us, despite all our depressions and problems at work.

4. Sport

Sport is the source of the happiness hormone! If it seems to you that you are tired after work and you do not have any strength to go to the gym, the main thing is to start! If you start to practice, you will not be able to stop. Yes, it's the hormone of joy that sports give us. With its help, you can be saved not only from the autumn depression, but also improve your body.

5. Every day is special

If you just live in anticipation of spring, you will lose many days! If you want to get rid of the autumn depression, start making your every day special. For example, let each breakfast not be similar to the previous one, even if today's evening will not be the same as yesterday's, etc. Start reading books, watching documentary films, trying to draw and dance, learning English, etc.

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