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Why discipline is much more important than motivation

There are two main ways to get yourself to do something. The first, most used and false, is to try to motivate oneself. The second, not so popular, but right, is to develop self-discipline.

This is one of those situations where changing the approach leads to better results. It is not uncommon to hear the correct use of the expression "change of paradigm", but this is precisely the case when the bulb lights up above the head.

The difference between motivation and discipline

Motivation is usually based on a false assumption - an appropriate mental or emotional state is required to complete the task. This perception is wrong.

Discipline, on the contrary, separates activity from mood and feelings, and thus overlooks the problem. The consequences are stunning.

Successful finishing of the task causes the internal states that for chronic procrastinators are very necessary in order to undertake the realization of tasks.

In order to start training, you do not have to wait for the moment when you are in good shape. On the contrary - you are training to have it.

If the action is due to feelings, the expectation of the right mood turns into a particularly insidious form of procrastination. If you delay until you feel that you are ready for change, you end up. That's how terrible procrastination loops are formed.

You must realize that pursuing motivation means insisting on infantile fantasies, they say, one needs to do only what he is the mood for.

The main task is to break the connection between feelings and actions and do what you need. And as a result, you will feel good and energetic.

Motivation is the wrong way, the false limit, which is why many people in developed countries just sit in shorts and play Xbox instead of doing something useful.

Belief in motivation is a consequence of psychological problems.

Since real life in the real world sometimes requires people to do things that nobody can perceive with common sense of enthusiasm, "motivation" is exposed to an insurmountable obstacle when trying to get you interested in what is not worth it. The only solution other than idleness is to forget about "common sense." This is a terrible, and, fortunately, a false dilemma.

Attempts to maintain fervor for fundamentally dim and murderous actions - one of the forms of deliberate self-inflicting psychological damage, voluntary madness: "I adore these papers so much that I want to fill out the formula as soon as possible to deduct the annual profit, I love my work so much!"

There is another problem with motivation - it has a short shelf life, and it needs to be restored continuously.

Motivation is when you manually press on the handle to increase the pressure. At best, it stores and transforms energy for a specific purpose.

There are situations when this is really the right approach - Olympic competition or escape from prison. However, this is a terrible base for ordinary daily activities, which is unlikely to help achieve long-term results.

Instead, discipline is like an engine that has started once and now constantly energizes the system with energy.

Consequently, motivation is an attempt to reach a state of readiness for some action.

The discipline is when you do something without even having the proper mood and after that you feel well.

How to develop discipline?

To do this, you need to get a habit, it can even be very small, gain momentum, using them for further changes in everyday life, create a loop of positive impact.

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