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How to bring thoughts and feelings in order: 6 quick calming techniques

A complex exam or a responsible meeting are ahead of you, the deadline is approaching or everything just falls out of hand. When emotions are at the limit, there are several easy ways to calm down and rethink the situation.

1. Deep breathing

Qigong is not only the least traumatic gymnastics, but also one of the successful techniques for overcoming stress. Shallow squats are accompanied by swings of hands and special breathing. The technique is easy to master without training at any age and after the first classes you will feel how the physical and emotional state improves.

Eighteen basic exercises help control breathing and stop the internal dialogue. If you are engaged once or twice a week, then in a stressful situation it will be enough to restore the breathing rhythm and imagine how you perform the exercise in order to quickly come to your senses and tune in to a working atmosphere.

2. Autogenic training

Autogenic training means a special sequence of exercises with increased concentration on sensations.

First you need to realize the weight of your own body, and then imagine how heat is poured through it - it helps to deepen muscle relaxation and causes blood flow.

Autogenic training can be practiced sitting in a comfortable position or lying. It helps to completely relax, relieve physical and psychological stress, and also can relieve of various cardiovascular and psychosomatic diseases caused by stress.

3. Inner silence

Straighten your back, close your eyes, relax and concentrate on inhalation and exhalation. The disordered flow of thoughts will gradually cease. In 10-15 minutes you will be able to continue your business with new energy.

Meditation is not magic or religion. Its goal is to calm the mind and restore spiritual harmony. You can always download special relaxation instructions or guided meditations and listen to them at the right time.

4. Sounds of music

To relax and distract from unpleasant thoughts helps your favorite music. Find a life-affirming song or a joyful tune that reminds you of good and calm times. Sing or trample down to the beat.

5. Words of support

Sometimes we want to hear the words of support, but a close person is not available or face the difficulties himself. Keep a few inspirational quotes or books that will raise your spirits, for example, "On a Healthy and Integral Life" by Neil Donald Walsh.

The words about living here and now, enjoying each day, being tolerant of each other and feeling grateful for such trifles as a delicious breakfast or hot water (someone don’t even have it!) are full of vital wisdom. Deep inside, we even agree with them, but often forget about them.

6. Calmness

Do not give up the well-known rule "Count to 10". Offense boils inside you? Do not answer immediately, wait a few hours. During this time you will have time to pick up those very necessary words or you will not need to answer.

Do not reproach yourself for failure. Try to analyze the errors as an observer, as if you weren’t in a stressful situation, but someone else. This will help to avoid unnecessary emotions. Draw conclusions and promise to do the next time differently. Insulting yourself takes away strength and does not allow to move forward.

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