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Simple and effective NLP techniques and exercises

NLP knows one simple psychotherapeutic prescription that helps practically "from everything." If we paraphrase the well-known words "Learn, learn, and once again learn," the NLP command can be formulated as: "Visualize, visualize, and once again visualize."

The meaning of all these NLP techniques practically comes down to one task: if you consider that basically all people make an elephant out of a fly (and suffer from it), then the task of NLP psychotherapy will be reversed: how to learn how to turn an elephant back into a fly - in other words, how to cope with the events and experiences that cause us a range of negative emotions and shake the nerves.

NLP exercise #1

So, let’s take the negative situation that has occurred in your life.

Let us take the simplest but most insulting story. You were sailing through the sea on a yacht, lost your attention and dropped your bracelet into the water. Very beautiful, and expensive bracelet, loved by you.

First of all, your task is to imagine your lost bracelet very clearly, in colors, and to reverse the entire negative situation with its fall into the water in your head - also like a colorful film.

Then imagine that you "reversed the binoculars" and your bracelet suddenly appeared to be several hundred meters, kilometers or a few kilometers away from you ... You do not see the bracelet, instead of it only barely distinguishable black dot.

Well? Are you tired of looking? Your eyes begin to feel tired and the black dot seems more and more blurred.

It is peculiar for a person to lose interest in an object that he leaves far behind himself, when an object loses shape and decreases as the distance between the object and the observer increases rapidly.

The principle of this NLP exercise is clear. You just need to reduce the sizes of the picture of the disturbing situation so that the object that disturbs you decreases to microscopic dimensions.

NLP exercise #2

If you have memories that are imprinted as a clear picture and these memories carry a tremendous destructive power – try imagining this image lighter and lighter until you finally "light it up".

When you want to forget something, make the picture lighter until you stop to see what is depicted on it.

It helps.

NLP exercise #3

To reduce the intensity of the experience, imagine an unpleasant situation (person), (place), how it will all be ... 50 years later.

The view, thrown at a "tragedy" from such a distant future, as a rule, reduces the meaning and unpleasant feelings from this situation.