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It is believed that the hydromassage procedure was invented in Germany, back in the 30s of the XX century, and first it was used in the treatment of patients with various injuries - as an experimental method. It turned out that the control group of the patients recovered faster than those who did not take such water procedures: they had wounds and fractures healed in a shorter time, left edemas, normalized sleep, skin conditions improved, etc.

After that the hydromassage was put into the category of medical procedures. This procedure combines the effect of massage, therapeutic baths and thermal therapy - heat treatment, which has long been used in the complex therapy of many chronic diseases. All these methods are used separately, and have an excellent therapeutic effect, however the results of their application in the form of such a combined procedure as a hydromassage are several times more effective.

Hydromassage, as we often imagine it, is performed in the bathtub, in which special nozzles are mounted in certain combinations. Combinations of nozzles create different air-water currents: they differ in intensity and are directed at different angles, so that the body of a person in this bath is affected differently. You can get into the bath as needed to ensure that these flows affect only certain zones, or almost the whole body, and you can also regulate the sensations of the strength of water and air currents.

We like to swim even in a normal bath, and in the hydromassage we get much more pleasure from water treatments and benefits; Today, not only baths, but also shower cabins are hydromassage.

In the hot tub you can perform several procedures. For example, in a bath with nozzles you can dive every day, and the masseur is not required here. However, there are procedures that must be performed by a massage therapist using a special hose - the water exits from it at a pressure of 1 to 4 atmospheres. In this case, the procedure acts in a directional way - the masseur himself directs the stream to certain areas of the patient's body, and the therapeutic effect is more pronounced.

Therapeutic properties of the hydromassage

Hydromassage allows you to successfully carry out not only the prevention of diseases, but also improve your health, and treat many chronic diseases.

With the help of hydromassage, you can remove muscle spasms and other painful symptoms; strengthen fragile vessels; treat varicose veins, ruptures of ligaments and fractures, restore the mobility of injured joints.

When water-air jets affect the skin, improves metabolism, stimulates blood circulation, normal digestion and intestinal transport function come to normal.

After a working day the hydromassage helps relieve tension and heaviness, softens and relaxes the body, facilitates the work of joints. During the procedure, you feel fresh and a burst of new strength, but it does not prevent you from sleeping peacefully, even if you were previously suffering from insomnia....

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