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Today, the first, perhaps,is your "strong question":

What are you wasting your time on?

We can not control time, but we can control ourselves in the time interval that is allowed to us. Yes, time was, is and will be one of the most important and most valuable of our resources for usage. That resource is equal for everyone: talents, genius, billionaires.

Ask yourself simple questions to understand whether you’re wasting time or not.

- What are your relationships with the time at this stage of your life?

- Can you say that you are completely satisfied with the quality of your life?

- Or do you often have a feeling of lack of time for what's important?

- Perhaps periodically, it seems that other people manage your time (read: your life)?

Your choice, what to spend your time - it's your choice, what to spend your life on. What the minutes and hours are spent on is evidence of your priorities, your actual values ​​...

We all want a magic kick or a magic pill. That someone big and smart came and told us something that we straightened up and ran to do things, to conduct complex conversations, to achieve results. Better yet, to make things themselves, conversations were held and the results from the sky fell on us.

In this article, there will be neither pills nor kicks. Everything is strictly scientific. All that you just could make one more step forward to see the perspective, not seen before.

So, what is the magic question in coaching?

And everything is very simple (we generally always do it).

Remember how it was in childhood in games? They drove you to a robber in a trap (and you are a Cossack), and nowhere to go ... and you suddenly rrraz - and in the house.

All ingenious is simple. You just really, really want to win the game.

All our lives we are trained, taught and taught how to act correctly. This is an important skill, but it has a disastrous effect on our ability to "moment and in the house."

Magic questions are just needed to reveal our natural creativity.

This is just a feature of the work of our brain. Sometimes the previous experience (especially negative) forces us to think in a stereotyped way

And then, voila ... with a magic question, we just jump over this pattern to get to your "house".

Any magical question begins with approximately the same words "Imagine yourself as if ..."