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Reframing is a term that is widely used by NLP to describe the procedures of rethinking and reorganizing the mechanisms of perception, thinking, behavior, with the aim of getting rid of unsuccessful (perhaps even pathogenic) mental patterns.

The frame around the picture is a good metaphor, allowing you to understand the essence and the mechanism of reframing. Depending on what exactly falls into the frame, the information about the content, the picture changes, and, consequently, the perception of what is depicted on it.

The word "reframing" is a verbal noun from the verb "reframe" meaning "insert into a new frame (the same picture)", "insert into the same frame (new picture)", "re-adapt", "re-formulate" in a new way. Many metaphors, fairy tales, anecdotes can be considered as examples of reframing, where events are placed in a certain "frame". The technology of reframing was developed by Richard Bendler and John Grinder in the 80's. XX century as a result of their careful and systematic observation of the work of Milton Erickson and other psychotherapists.

Supporters of NLP describe reframing as a principle that "in any situation there is a positive resource", only it needs to be seen and tried to use. Reframing, in their opinion, is a change in the context or value of the phenomenon under consideration.

Context reframing can be used when:

Comparison with a more expensive or comparable price competitor. Also, any other comparison series (qualitative, service and other characteristics) is appropriate.

Offer initially more stringent conditions or high prices to get the opportunity to offer in the future, the goods at a lower price or on more loyal terms with the goal of creating a positive perception compared to what was before.

Method of deficiencies. The client positioned a certain insignificant characteristic of the product or service, and then provides an important advantage, which, seems more significant.

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