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Coaching – what is this?

Coaching is one of the most effective and popular methods of helping a person achieve almost any goals and solving problems. Coaching is used in business, in sports, in psychology, in management, etc.

Life coaching is a method of individual assistance to a person in achieving his life goals, solving any psychological problems (in eliminating, for example, low self-esteem, fears, internal constraints and complexes, etc.) and revealing his potential (forming positive beliefs, qualities, habits, Other). In business, coaching is used to multiply the effectiveness of personnel management, to solve the psychological problems of employees, to manage teams, to increase the motivation of employees.

People usually go to self-destruction in different ways. One of them is excessive anxiety. Someone is too much going through for relatives or careers, while creating negative scenarios in their heads. Anxiety turns into a worm that sharpens you like a Dutch cheese and remains less and less energy.

If you spend too much time and energy imagining the future in such a negative way or constantly torment yourself with heavy memories of the past - this weakens your nervous system further and further. Want to worry less - concentrate on the current moment! To do this, use the following tips:

1. Think about today. At the beginning of the day or the moment when the alarms begin - sit down for a moment, stop. Breathe. Substantially narrow the focus. Simply focus on the current day. Nothing more. Tomorrow will not go anywhere.

2. Talk about what you are doing right now. For example: "Now I'm brushing my teeth." Going back to the past and the future is very easy. And this phrase will quickly return you to the present moment.

Ask yourself, how many times have your negative predictions for the future failed to materialize?

A lot of things that you fear will never happen to you. These are just monsters that live in your head. And even if something of your fears really happens, most likely it will not be as bad as you pictured yourself. Anxiety is often a waste of time.

Of course, it's easier said than done. But if you ask yourself how much of what you experienced happened in your life in fact, then you will definitely let go.

Take time to think about the goals that you set for yourself. How much do you intend to achieve them? In which circumstances would you give up your goals? And what if you significantly increased your motivation in achieving them? What if you want to achieve them so much, that you are absolutely sure that you will never back down under any circumstances? You will in any case find a way to achieve the goal, and pay the price that will be needed.

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