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Chakras: discovery, cleaning. The new method – colour therapy!

The human body draws energy practically from everywhere: from everyday life, work, communication with friends, music, books, etc. All this energy is stored in the body of the individual, distributed along its main energy zones - chakras.

So, for example, sexual energy rests in the first chakra - Muladhara, the energy of love - in Anahata (the fourth chakra), the energy of communication - in Vishuddha, etc.

Chakra can be represented in the form of an energy point rotating clockwise (a vortex). Each vortex performs its specific functions, controls the work of the relevant bodies. The energy of the chakras has its own color and refers to a certain element. In Sanskrit, the chakra is a "wheel", a whirlwind generates a vacuum in its center. In total, there are about a hundred chakras in the human body that absorb different energies and vibrations. However, among them, there are seven main centers associated with being on certain levels: mental, spiritual and physical.

Discovery of chakras

The opening of each chakra must be done in order to allow energy to enter the center of the energy vortex. If the chakra is closed, the energy center does not function.

Cleaning the chakras

Cleaning of the chakras is carried out with the goal of removing from the human consciousness negative, destructive programs. In fact, a person independently installs blocks on his energy centers, reacting painfully to certain life circumstances.

Did you hear about color therapy?

This is an effective method of color exposure to our body in order to restore its normal life. Scientists have proven that color causes certain biochemical reactions in human tissues, stimulates various glands and certain parts of the brain, including the pituitary gland. The latter stimulates the production of a number of hormones that are responsible for metabolism, sleep, appetite, our emotional state, sexual arousal, etc. In other words, how we feel depends largely on the colors that we are surrounded.

Contemporary representations

In the mid-50's the Swiss scientist Max Lyuscher composed the original color text. After many experiments, from 4500 tones and shades, the colors most influenced by physiology and human psychology were chosen. Research conducted by Lusher showed that color can change the functions of some systems of the human body. For example, orange-red changes the pulse, respiration, blood pressure and generally has an exciting effect. The dark blue color, on the other hand, brings calmness. According to psychologists, the language of flowers is universal, it acts independently of religion and nationality.

Could you even imagine that colors have such impact on our life?

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