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5 unexpected products, which contain sugar

Simple sugar is dangerous not only because it grows on it, like on leaps and bounds - it also provokes that "wolfish appetite" that forces you to constantly overeat. Mostly, glucose is responsible for the feeling of hunger. When the blood level drops, appetite grows, and, conversely, when it rises, the appetite decreases. Information on the level of glucose regularly enters the brain, where the saturation center is located.

Sugar is contained in sweets, ice cream, baked goods, jam, honey, soda, yoghurts with sweet fillers, etc. It's obvious. Also, everyone knows that it is in the store-packaged juices, muesli and various types of cereal. But where to look for hidden sugar?

1. Low-fat products

The most common mistake of losing weight and weakness of many programs recommended by specialists in "traditional" nutrition is the use of low-fat products. European scientists and nutritionists presented convincing evidence that low-fat foods, including yoghurts, kefir and milk, are harmful not only for the body size, but also for health. To give their products a pleasant taste, producers add to their composition a huge amount of sugar or, worse, inverted corn syrup - one of the main culprits of the American epidemic of obesity.

2. Milk

At the same time, the usual whole milk is also harmful for the figure - all dairy products contain sugar in the form of lactose. The usual non-fat milk contains both fat and sugar, and this is the most dangerous combination. This combination disrupts metabolism, and provokes the rapid formation of the most disgusting "lush" fat, which is very difficult to get rid of.

3. Bread

Sugar is found in all baked goods, including bread. Do you think that whole grain bread is less evil? You are mistaken. In fact, whole grain bread does not contain whole grains. Flour is produced in the process of grinding grain, which turns into a powder. This causes an increase in the level of sugar and its rapid drop, which increases appetite.

4. Sauces, semi-finished products

Many products with a pronounced salty, spicy or piquant taste contain as much sugar as sweets. These are semi-finished dishes and sauces. Sugar in this case is added not only to make the food tasty and addictive, but also for a longer shelf life. Sugar not only improves the taste, but also, like salt, acts as a preservative. So, in standard packaging of usual ready ketchup sugar content reaches 15 grams, and in barbecue sauce - 30 grams.

5. Alcohol and carbonated drinks

It is important to remember that most alcoholic drinks contain a fair share of sugar. In particular, it enters into all strong drinks, even if they are not sweet: vodka, whiskey, tequila, not to mention cocktails, sweet wines, liqueurs, etc. Drinks are also food, and one hundred grams of whiskey is caloric equivalent to a decent one portion of pork chop.

No less dangerous are also different sweet non-alcoholic sodas. World producers produce drinks marked "light" or "zero", meaning that the sugar content is reduced or not at all, but the sugar content in them is still dangerously high - it just disguises itself for new names for the consumer.

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